Turn blah mornings into #QuakerDeliciousMornings


Alarm goes off at 4am. I rub off the traces of sleep in my eyes , say a prayer and go down a few steps to the kitchen where I make the first clanging noises in a house still wrapped in sleep.

I put the kettle boil. Take out what would form today’s breakfast out of their usual hiding places and neatly arranged these in what would look like an assembly line.

I go for a quick shower. Dress up and come back ready for breakfast. I have a few minutes to prepare my toddler’s bento snack before I’m out the door to head off to the corporate jungle in Ortigas.

It’ll be one excel file after another once I settle in my cushioned office chair where I make sense of the numbers before me.

And this is why I don’t just need a breakfast that is easy to prepare – it should be able to keep up with a hectic morning peppered with deadlines!

A bowl of Quaker oats is not only filling, it is nutrient-dense, too. It contains fiber to keep you full longer, has beta-glucan for a stronger heart and protein for energy. Bonus that it now comes in delicious variants like Chocolate, Chocolate with Milk, Banana and Honey and Original with Milk to turn your blah mornings into #QuakerDeliciousMornings.




Quaker recently hosted a breakfast show with Alex Gonzaga broadcasted live through their official Facebook page along with special guest, Luis Manzano.

Alex Gonzaga with Quaker Oats Philippines in Banana & Honey and Chocolate

Alex shared her morning routine and showed us how easy it is to wake up to #QuakerDeliciousMornings just by adding hot water to her favorite Quaker-flavored variants, Banana & Honey and Chocolate.


Luis Manzano and Alex Gonzaga at the Quaker Breakfast Show

Quaker Oats in Chocolate, Banana & Honey, and Chocolate with Milk



Quaker Instant Oats in delicious flavors of Chocolate, Chocolate with Milk, Banana & Honey, and Original with Milk, is now available in 33g, 200g, 500g packs for as low as P10, in all supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores nationwide. For more information, visit or visit Quaker Oats Philippines for Facebook, and @quakeroatsph on Instagram.

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