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Why Playing In The Sand Is Good For Children

You know it’s a long holiday weekend when your social media feeds would all of a sudden be filled up with posts from people in transit to an exciting destination which would usually end up at a beach.

I’m having a take-me-down-to-the-beach moment right now while still in my pjs. Going to the beach is on the top of my list whenever I think of having a quick getaway with the family and for a good reason. It is something not only the entire family can enjoy but it presents learning opportunities as well for our toddler whose fascination with the world around her is becoming more evident.


Make the most out of water and sand play on the beach which would serve as your kids’ huge playground – the water and the sand as the toys.

Benefits of Sand Play:

1.Sand Play promotes open-ended play and there’s really no right way of using it. It is the child who decides what to do with it – dig, mold, pour, scoop, build. With this freedom comes the ability for the child to learn about concepts on how the world works. It stirs the imagination, too.

2.Fine Motor Skills Development and Eye-hand coordination.

3.Sensory development by feeling the sand’s texture and manipulating it.

4.Social Skills by playing with other kids and or adults. Through interaction, language skills are also enhanced.






The photos were from our previous Boracay beach trip. The toys where borrowed from Discovery Shores Boracay because this momma forgot to pack Riri’s beach toys (mommy brain!).

I used to think that children have natural affinity towards things found in nature like the grass, the sand, etc. But it was different with Riri because she doesn’t want to get her hands or toes dirty even if the adults around her are modelling the behavior we want her to do.  Perhaps kinetic and or magic sand might just do the trick but I haven’t gotten round to getting one, yet.  Any suggestions on where can I get this?



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