Japan Brand Asvel Is Now in PH

On days when I know I wouldn’t be able to leave my workstation in the office to grab some lunch, I bring along my Asvel Luntus thermal lunch box which can keep my food (even soup)  warm enough for me to enjoy come lunch time. I always keep the reusable spoon which comes in a clear case in handy.

Recently, I took the Asvel products on an out-of-town trip where my daughter and I dined alfresco style.

The thermal lunch box is easy to carry along and easy to pack away, too. So easy that my toddler can do the packing away herself.

The water jug, on the other hand, features a one-hand opening designed for easy holding and carrying. Did you notice how stylish the design is? This Japanese brand marries both design and function.

Asvel covers a wide-range of home wares from food storage containers to lunch boxes, kitchen tools, kitchenware, bath and sanitary ware, etc.

Visit their store at The Podium Mall or shop online at Shopee and Lazada.

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