Laundry Hacks During The Rainy Season


You’re done with the laundry. You hang the clothes to dry. When it is time to get them from the clothesline, the last thing you’d want  is to catch a whiff of that “kulob” smell – that unmistakable smell which comes from clothes which didn’t dry out completely.

You feel so defeated as that would mean putting back the clothes into the washer and do the entire cycle all over again. You’d literally want to throw in the white towel!

Here are some laundry hacks which I’ve found useful when washing the clothes during the rainy season.

1. Remove the clothes out of the washing machine or the basin once you’re done. If you have damp clothes, do not leave it in the laundry basket for a long time.


2. Air dry your clothes so you can retain its quality. Using a dryer wears down and stretches the fabric.  It helps to buy space-saving clothes rack and hanger which would fit conveniently in a small space.


3. When all else fails, there’s Downy Expert Kontra Kulob to the rescue. With its 20x Antibac Power which guarantees long lasting freshness even when you dry indoors, you’ll never have to tolerate kulob-smelling clothes again.



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