Product Review

Product Review: Tiny Buds Baby Naturals Baby Essentials

Your baby’s skin is more delicate than most, this is why you have to choose products that are designed for sensitive skin. Tiny Buds is a pioneer in integrating natural ingredients into baby care and today has over 50 innovative natural baby care essentials and is one of the Top Baby Personal Care brands.

Here are our favorite products from their line:

Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder
This is made from 100% real rice grains and is talc-free. It’s also hypoallergenic and keeps baby’s delicate skin fresh and dry all day. Good news is, this is safe for babies with skin asthma and skin eczema. Here’s a mom hack you should try: Bring it to the beach as it is the best way to remove stubborn sand in between your toes and other areas of the body.

Tiny Buds Natural Baby Wipes
Here’s a product that is probably always inside your baby’s bag – baby wipes! Gently formulated with European standard Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to clean and moisturize baby’s skin, these baby wipes are also alcohol free and paraben free. It’s also made from food grade ingredients, hypo-allergenic, extra thick and silky soft. Safe for the face, hands and bum, what’s not to love?

Tiny Buds After Bites!
This is a gentle cooling gel that helps calm, relieve and soothe baby’s skin without harsh chemicals.
What we like about it?
-Light & Non-sticky
-Menthol Free
-Steroid Free
-Contains Natural ingredients

We bring this everywhere we go!

Final word: Always remember to do a patch test to gauge your baby’s skin sensitivity towards certain ingredients.

Check out Tiny Buds Baby Naturals at for promos and exciting offers.

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