Why You Should Go All-White When It Comes To Your Infants’ Apparel


I have a confession to make. I tend to go overboard when it comes to shopping for Riri.

Sometimes, it is really hard to resist buying an item just because your baby would look cute wearing it. It is a good thing that I have my mom to restrain me during those shopping trips. And I’m glad I have listened to my mom. It saved me from buying things I don’t need.

There are times that your mother becomes your best source of information on child-rearing. Though the times are changing, there are still some tried-and-tested practices which are still relevant to this day. One of those best practices which I got from her is letting my newborn wear all-white. She said this is something she did when she raised all 3 of us.

I was glad that Beginnings Baby was already around at that time when I was ticking off everything from my newborn checklist. Two years later, it is still a brand which a lot of my mom friends trust.

Beginnings Baby is the first all-white infant apparel brand which began with a very simple dream – to promote the usage of all-white clothing for infants aged 0-12 months. Backed by respected pediatricians, they believe that white garments are ideal for our babies until the day they turn one.


Here are the reasons why your newborns should wear white:

1. Easier to spot stains and dirt. We know right away when it is time for a change in clothes.

2. Easier to detect insects. We do not want crawling insects to be around our baby. Also, wearing white tend to ward off mosquitoes.

3. Clean and cool to the baby’s skin. There is something about wearing white which makes babies look clean. Aside from that, it leaves them feeling fresh, too.


Beginnings Baby carries a full range of baby apparel necessities which are:

 1. Suit Up includes cardigans, and long-sleeved, sleeveless, and shorts-sleeved frog suits.
2. Bottoms Up includes shorts and pajamas.
3. Clean Up includes bibs and washcloths.
4. Clip Up includes Birdseye and Gauze diapers.
5. Cover Up includes bonnets, mittens, booties, and binders.
6. Pull Up includes briefs and panties.
7. Tee Up includes sandos, spaghetti straps, and T-shirts.
8. Warm Up includes receiving towels and blankets.
9. Tie It Up includes short-sleeved and long-sleeved tops.
10. Step Up includes baby shoes and is available in 10 different styles.


With Beginnings Baby, you are assured of the strictest standards as they follow US Standards for baby apparel.

 1. They only use premium Shiny Cotton Thread to guarantee the durability of our products.
2. To avoid loose or too-tightly sewn stitches, they follow a specific stitching distance that results in stitching that is never twisted or wrinkled.
3. Attachments on shoulders and sides are more durable for long-term use due to the double stitching care of  their over lock machines.
4. Cotton ties are easily adjustable for your baby’s comfort. More importantly, it is also safer than using buttons which are considered to be choking hazards for children 0-12 months.
5. Special needles are used to avoid puckering that can cause unsightly needle holes and other defects such as open seams, raw edges and broken stitches. Regular needles can create holes that will make garments more prone to breakage and tear.
6. Special cotton garters with carefully studied, standard measurements required for maximum stretch guarantees your baby’s supreme comfort. You no longer have to worry about waistline marks and other irritations.


Beginnings Baby was at the Momzilla Fair last 23rd – 24th September. All their items were at 10% off.



They also provide a checklist with prices to make your shopping easier



You can catch them at the upcoming Mothercare Philippines’ Baby and Kids Fair happening on September 27-30 at The Playground, Bench Tower BGC. Entrance is free.

The Beginnings Baby clothing line can also be found at leading department stores. You may also shop online at


21994293_1633235436727252_721622944405784864_o (1).jpg

Indeed, Beginnings help you start your baby right.


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