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Moringa Powder and Flakes Pack A Punch


Just when I thought I’ve tried Malunggay in every form there is – in its raw state added to soup, in capsule, part of a chocolate drink concoction, added to a brownie, and  in tea bags. Malunggay, nature’s superfood and galactagogue still continues to surprise me up to this day – 18 months into my breastfeeding journey for I haven’t seen it reduced into dried powder and flakes.

Not until Anna of Breast Bottle and Beyond PH showed me these products which are part of the array of Moringa products her online store carry. I met Anna at one of the events held at The Parenting Emporium.

For breastfeeding moms who find fresh malunggay leaves hard to come by, they can opt for these dried versions as they’re easy to store and can be used for a long time.


How to Use The Malunggay Powder:

1. If you have picky-eaters at home, you can sprinkle the powder to the cooked dish or make it as a rice topping. Not only is malunggay a  milk supply booster, but it is also high in iron and a good source of Vitamins A, B and C. The entire family can definitely benefit from its nutritional value.

2. For moms who bake their own lactation goodies, this can be added to the recipe.

3. Make your own chocolate drink. Add to unsweetened cocoa, milk and hot water.


How to Use The Malunggay Flakes:

1. Put in a tea strainer. Let it steep in hot water and enjoy. You may add calamansi or lemon. Honey is also optional.

2. Add to food. I cooked some pesto pasta recently and have added it along with the pesto sauce. I can’t even tell that there’s malunggay flakes in it.

3. Add to smoothies.

Both products can be used interchangeably, I guess. It depends really on your preference.  These products are easy on the pocket while proving the nutrition you need.

Check out Breast Bottle & Beyond Facebook Page, Shopee and Instragram accounts for details and promos.





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