Disciplining Babies and Toddlers: A Millennial Moms PH Mom Tribe Meet Up Event


I’ve heard a lot from friends to know that “terrible two’s” can really be terrible as what the term suggests. It may come even before your toddler turns 2, I was warned. But one thing is certain, this is the time where they would start testing the limits. And I thought I can still buy more time before I even think of disciplining how -to’s (what with my toddler only 5 months away from being a 2 years old).

I dread the day when Riri would start having those meltdowns in public wherein she can instantly turn from a cherub to a screaming, kicking, tantrum-throwing 2 year old. Disciplining may bring out the worst in a child and even in parents, too.

It’s a good thing I was given a head start on toddler discipline during the recent Millennial Moms PH Mom Tribe meet-up last 14th of October 2017 at the Early Bird Breakfast Club, Eastwood Mall where they invited a resource person who talked about “Discipline: During The First Three Years.”

Rhona Remo, who has a background on guidance and counseling before she decided to become a stay-at-home mom covered significant areas on how to tackle discipline  starting from infancy to childhood.



The weeks and months leading up to the birth of a child are more often than not filled with hopes and dreams. But after their basic needs are met, how do we deal with issues such as understanding our child and in so doing, discipline them? How do you discipline babies and toddlers when they can’t even speak yet?

And why is the first 3 years important? It is a time when the child’s brain makes enormous strides. While the physical changes are more evident, the child’s emotional and social being develop rapidly at this stage, too. All aspects of development, as we all know, will have an effect on the kind of adult they will become. And this is why investing in a child’s early development is important.


Rhona shared her no-nonsense tips and advice on understanding and disciplining your child during the first 3 years.

First, we need to know the Four Key Aspects:

1. Psychosocial Aspect
• Establishing Trust
• Emerging Independence


2. Moral Aspect
• Sense of order
• Sense of right and wrong


3. Intellectual Aspect
• Exploration and Curiosity


4.Physiological Aspect
• Exercise/play, Diet, Rest, and Hygiene


How do we discipline our children:

1. Establish rules
2. Develop a routine
3. Be consistent and persistent
4. Think of them as your equal
5. Shower them with love and respect
6. Connect first before your correct
7. Correction should be age appropriate
8. Mention the good deed
9. Choose your battles
10. Breathe and Stay calm!


The mood turned a bit lighter after the talk as the program shifted to fun activities such as group sharing, games and raffle draws. As what always happens with every millennial mom-meet up, we all went home with a big bag full of giveaways.

Pregnant moms participating in a game.
Mommy JM, our group’s representative, shared about some of the parenting and pregnancy myths our group has come across with and how we were able to debunk them all.
Moms getting competitive during one of the games.
Mommy Jenina with Baby Ynigo who is a bit camera-shy that day.
Mommy Shishi and Gabby strike a pose.
The yummy food at Early Bird Breakfast Club – grilled cheese and tomato soup.
Giveaways and prizes for the moms.
Early Bird Breakfast Club crew are all smiles that day 🙂
My Team Mom
I’m with Mommy Avvy, Baby Franco and Mommy Dette.
Franco and Riri had fun, too.
Liz, manning the registration booth
Photo grabbed from the Millennial Moms PH Facebook Page

While I cannot control or delay the inevitable, I am now better equipped on how to handle nerve-wracking situations.

It was a day full of learning and fun. We always look forward to every Millennial Moms Mom Tribe Meet Up.


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