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A lifetime partner makes life brighter


We’ve seen how Charo Santos-Concio beautifully narrates love stories on tv but not a lot of people know her own love story.

“Our wedding shocked Manila. If it happened today, I’m sure kumalat na iyan sa social media,” Charo said in the video which is part of Sun Life’s campaign, Kaakbay: Stories of Lifetime Partnership.

It was in the 80’s where she first met her would-be husband, Cesar Rafael Concio Jr. Charo was a print ad model for the company which Mr. Concio owned.

“Cesar was in his 40’s. Highly-accomplished. So we were eventually introduced and I found him to be very warm, respectful, gracious, a true gentleman of the old school. I called him Mr. Concio,” Charo recalled.

Their whirlwind romance ended in marriage where many disapproved. Charo was not only half Cesar’s age, Mr. Concio was also separated. “I took my lead in Cesar who anchored himself on an inner stance of truth – the honest love we have for each other. If we go by dogma, fail. If we go by what is accepted by society, fail. So, ano na yung truth namin? Love, di ba?” Charo said.

Their marriage is far from perfect but Mr. Concio had been her biggest fan. “He taught me how to choose my battles, to pull back and how to gain perspective,” she added.

Their story may not be your usual love story but it is a great story just the same. A lifetime partner really makes life brighter.

I have found my own Mr. Concio but he had to go sooner and what we had left are memories which we hold dear. The uncertainty of what the future brings, indeed.



Watch Charo’s full tribute video to her greatest love, Mr. Concio through this link:

And it is because of life’s unexpected turns that I look for ways to secure my three-year old daughter’s future. And getting her an  insurance coverage is one of them. Sun Life offers a comprehensive insurance coverage depending on your need. Sun Fit and Well which I got Riri before she turned a year old is a new generation wellness plan that offers a comprehensive life and health protection. This plan guarantees life insurance protection and covers expenses related to medical treatment, hospitalization, follow-up specialist visits, home recovery and palliative care.

Moreover, this plan has a preemptive wellness benefit which helps you proactively maintain your health by having special access and privileges to various wellness activities.

Nothing brings me peace of mind knowing that both of us have a comprehensive insurance coverage for future uncertainties.



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