Play-based Learning for Parents and Playdate

I look forward to weekends because this is the time where I get to devote my undivided attention to my little one. Oh the woes of a working mom!

It is also a good time for the bub to go out after spending a considerable amount of time at home. Although there are activities to get her hands busy with, being out is a way to break the monotony.  Doing playdates is always a welcome idea.  Babies and toddlers learn a lot through observation. Though you often see them playing alongside each other minding their own business, they are actually keeping an eye on what’s happening around them – taking everything in.

My toddler likes to play independently at this stage. It is an opportunity for me to play with her and along with it, demonstrate appropriate behavior like sharing the toys with other kids, modeling good manners, how to converse with other kids (social skills) etc. Acquiring these skills require repetition which is why playdates should be done as often as you could.

And I’m happy that Raiz and Rafa, in partnership with Hello Munchkins Play Café and Mommily came up with a Play-based learning with Playdate event which we attended last 21st October 2017 and was held at the Hello Munchkins Play Café.




While the babies and toddlers play, Teacher Liway from the Present Parenting Solutions gave a talk on play-based learning.



Teacher Liway shared that the benefits of play-based learning are many. These are the development of:

  • imagination and creativity
  • wonder and curiosity
  • relationship-building;
  • negotiation, conflict resolution and problem-solving
  • empathy and self-regulation
  • independence and safe risk-taking
  • leadership
  • communication skills
  • organizational skills

“Toys are merely tools for play but it is us who initiate, model and nurture it,” Teacher Liway emphasized.



Play with your child. Do not make play a part of the reward.



Have you ever noticed that babies love to look at their reflection in the mirror? They love looking at faces and mirrors help them with self-recognition. Babies eventually will recognize that the face they see in the mirror is actually their own. Take this chance to show and teach your child the different body parts.


Riri had the most fun.


Teacher Liway advised to let your child experience bumps, scrapes because that is how they learn but it is important that you provide a safe environment for them to play.


With her tito and tita who became the driver and yaya for that day.




Teacher Liway also taught us how to DIY a sensory bottle.

What you’ll need:

Bottled water, half full of water
Add a few drops of baby oil
Beads, in various shapes and colors

Combine everything and watch your kid be amused with it. As the glitter settles, shake it again. Keep the lid securely closed.

What is this for?
This is a portable, non-messy kind of sensory play toy as all the materials are contained inside the bottle. It also known as a calm down bottle as it helps children to relax and focus.






Riri loved the food they served at the café.


The event ended up with moms receiving giveaways and loot bags from sponsors.







With Mommy Ria of IG @raizandrafa. Thanks for having us. We learned a lot while having fun.

After attending this event, I’m now seriously considering choosing a play-based curriculum for Riri during the early years.

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