Pampers Mommy Meet Up

Choosing the brand of diapers for your little one is one of the most crucial decision you will ever make because no other product comes in contact as closely and frequently as diapers do.

Keeping in mind how sensitive a newborn skin is, it is important that the diapers are made from hypoallergenic material which wouldn’t cause skin rashes and chafing.

It doesn’t end there because newborns need to sleep longer which require diapers to be highly-absorbent and can keep wetness at bay so as not to interfere with their sleep. We all know that sleep at this stage is important in the baby’s development. Notice too that diapers for newborns usually come with a  wetness indicator function to help moms know when a nappy change is due.

Now, as babies transition to toddlers, their needs change and so are their diapers. It requires more effort to keep up with them as they are more active. The kind of diapers to look for should have more leakage control, should fit well and easy to put on and off.

Pampers understand all these and as the world’s leading diaper brand, they have a commitment to continuously come up with products dedicated to every baby’s healthy and happy development. This and more I learned over lunch with the other moms during the Pampers Mommy Meet Up held at Single Origin, Bonifacio Highstreet.

This OC momma doesn’t need further convincing that Pampers is really “sulit” and the best brand there is in the market. And let me tell you why.


Leader of Innovation

Pampers is known to be a leader when it comes to innovation. In fact, back in the 1950’s, they were the ones who introduced the first disposable diapers to the world and have never stopped since. In the 1970’s, they were again the first to come up with the fastening tape concept. And in 2009, they introduced the soft cover.  Pampers diapers are really designed with babies in mind. They keep up with the times and are involved in continuous research and development.

The good news is, come April next year, diapers for premature babies will be available in the Philippines.

Household Name

When I become a mom, that’s when I found out that Pampers has established itself as a household name.  Truth be told, two of our yayas do not refer to diapers as a diaper. They call diapers no matter what the brand name is as Pampers. Quite interestingly so, some of my friend’s yayas also do the same.

It is during this meet up that I learned that Pampers is the also the number 1 diaper in the world.

Magic Gel

This latest feature from Pampers is found inside the core of the diaper which turns powder into gel as it absorbs liquid. Worry not though as this gel is non-toxic and is safe for baby’s skin. This highly-absorbent gel locks the wetness and keeps the top part of surface of the diaper dry.



There is a misconception that the thicker the diaper, the more absorbent it is. With the introduction of the magic gel feature, Pampers has debunked the notion that thicker doesn’t mean better.

Pampers vs Brand X


Pampers diaper, which is on the right, stays dry after the absorbency test.

More Savings

This unique feature of the magic gel present in the diaper contributes to less diaper changes which translates to savings.


Pampers has a Premium Care line for babies with sensitive skin. It boasts of a ” 5 star skin protection, has a breathable cover that lets fresh air in and humid air out, helping to maintain baby’s skin in its ideal condition.” I heard moms who have been loyal users of this line as their babies never developed any skin rashes from continued use. That would mean savings from diaper rash cream and other ointments.

The other Pampers line are Baby Dry and Pants which aren’t really far behind when it comes to skin protection as all Pampers diapers are made  from soft, breathable material, have soft surfaces and stretchy sides designed not to irritate the skin. The top-sheet has a thin layer of mild lotion, too.


As moms, it is but natural that we go through the prices of each items we see along the grocery aisles before making a decision whether to buy them not. We compare which product we can get the most value of.  With Pampers, moms are assured of the high quality of their diapers which wouldn’t compromise our baby’s general well-being.

After all, don’t we want the best for our babies?




Mommy Rhoda Crisostomo recently have triplets who are preemies. She is happy to find out the good news that Pampers for premature babies will soon be available in the Philippines.


The hardworking Pampers ladies who showed us how amazing the Pampers diapers are through an actual absorbency and wetness test.


This mommy sure is updated when it comes to the prices in the market.
Mommy Rich can’t seem to make up her mind.
Sumptuous spread at Single Origin


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