Unmother’s Day, a fun and unique celebration with the Millennial Moms PH

That was a day of many firsts. For one, it was my first mother’s day celebration. And what better way to celebrate it than with fellow mommas who are there to experience a different kind of unmother’s day. So aptly called as it would be a kind of celebration veering away from the usual and ordinary.

And in a true blue millenial moms fashion, the activities lined up for the two-day weekend event at Eastwood mall were prepared with millennial moms in mind. There were extreme activities – wall climbing and rodeo bull for moms who are there for some action. For those who prefer to be pampered and feel like a queen, there were nail art, tattoo and makeup counters. There were also a carefully-curated fair by mompreneurs to shop from.

The first activity which we were early for as we left home earlier than usual to brave the Saturday traffic was the babywearing dance class sponsored by Fitness First. I would’ve to give myself a pat in the back for lasting an hour-long dancing while babywearing Riri, who is getting heavier by the day. Blanche Pennings graced the event being the first babywearing consultant in the country to talk about the importance and how-to’s of wearing your baby safely. Her advocacy for safe babywearing is inspiring  and nowadays has her hands full giving talks and providing consultation services – all while being a mom to Theo, who will be turning a year old soon. It was my first time to meet her also after almost a year of interacting and sharing just about anything but mostly, mom-related things through a group in Facebook.

Group photo grabbed from the Millenial Moms PH

IMG-20170513-WA0003 - CopyIMG-20170513-WA0004 - Copy

Next up was the fashion show where moms with their little ones strutted their matching outfits on the runway. It was such so much fun watching the little girls and boys being so game and posing for the camera. The moms were also in their element.

IMG20170513160316 - CopyIMG20170513160704 - CopyIMG20170513160608 - CopyIMG20170513160759 - CopyIMG20170513160738 - CopyIMG20170513160639 - Copy

This was followed by a yoga demonstration by Peach Christine Mascariñas, a yoga instructor. For those moms whose work entailed sitting on a chair in front of a desktop for hours on end, Peach demonstrated an easy-to -follow wrist and finger poses; chair sit and stand exercises. These yoga postures can help relieve sore lower back, stiff neck, and tight hips and shoulders. With continued practice, these can also help in reducing stress and promote increased flexibility. I’ve longed ago stopped doing yoga and I guess I have a renewed sense of interest while watching Peach do what she’s good at.  And although my time doesn’t yet permit me to sign up for a yoga membership. No, not yet. This would have to do for now. After all, we need even a bit of exercise, don’t we?

It was also my first time to See Marianne Mencias up close. Life Coach Kimi Lu regularly posts about her coaching sessions with her. Marianne opened up about finding her own calling and emphasized that finding it is “a dream come true.” She talked about knowing one’s purpose and “having a clue to what your purpose and being expert at it because it something that comes naturally. And what follows after navigating through your life purpose would be “walking into a field of bliss where everything falls into place.” She affirmed that “everyone is meant to be happy and successful.” We were broken down into groups after her empowering talk where we discussed about our takeaways and how we can realistically work towards finding our own calling and purpose now that we’re moms. It was interesting to know that some of the moms in my small group had put on hold some of their calling because motherhood had gotten in the way.  And through Marianne’s insightful talk that afternoon, we were all somehow had been reinvigorated to still have that passion to pursue other things and assume other roles.

IMG20170513172433 - CopyIMG20170513171849IMG20170513173622 - CopyIMG20170513173601 - Copy

The event finished off with the Millenial Moms PH adrenaline-charged meet-up where we were treated to games, contests and giveaways. Dette Zulueta and Karla Lozano, the moms behind the Millenial Moms PH closed the activities for that day together with Issa Litton, who hosted the event. I am one happy momma who scored lippies from Happy Skin, my favorite makeup brand.



IMG-20170514-WA0007 - CopyIMG20170514082207IMG-20170514-WA0053 - Copy

I retired to bed that night tired but with a smile on my face. It would be difficult to top off my first unmother’s day experience.







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