The MOD MOMS Came To Party

Michelle Aventajado, mom of four and the woman behind the Momma 'n Manila hosted ModMoms at Aruga by Rockwell which had all the elements of a children's party it made me feel like I'm crashing into one. Mish brought together in one place a few of her favorite things which had been making her life… Continue reading The MOD MOMS Came To Party

Product Review

My Top Picks for August

We've lived with plastics and have gotten used to the convenience of having them around for so long that ditching them and making that eco switch can be quite a challenge. Here's a usual scenario. There's a heavy downpour. You alight from a vehicle and duck straight into the nearest building to seek shelter and… Continue reading My Top Picks for August

Health and Wellness

Proper Hand Washing Using Safeguard

Did you know that the easiest way to remove disease-causing germs is through washing your hands with soap? And not just any soap, it should be anti-bacterial like Safeguard. Safeguard is taking active steps to spread awareness on proper hand washing. They are "saving lives by teaching better hygiene" through initiatives such as the Global… Continue reading Proper Hand Washing Using Safeguard


The Pink Tower, A Montessori Tool

There was a lot to take in at the Momtessori PH Mommy Matters PH event last 4th of November where the topic was on Why Do We Montessori.  The talk was given by Mr. Barrameda, the founding director of Abba's Orchard Montessori School in Taguig where the event was held. What I was particularly drawn to… Continue reading The Pink Tower, A Montessori Tool

Events · learning through play

Halloween and Dress-Up Play

  What a difference a year makes! Halloween this year is busier (and literally had our hands full of treats) compared to last year where then 6-month old Riri merely observed from her stroller and couldn't be bothered with the sweets. This year had seen more action - she became a mermaid, a fairy, a… Continue reading Halloween and Dress-Up Play


Baby Company has everything you need for your Project Nursery

Nothing is as exciting to a nesting mom as preparing for the baby's arrival and with it, the nursery! The nursery is where the baby would be spending a good amount of time in the early days. It is probably where most of the baby's milestones would take place - rolling, crawling, tummy time, first… Continue reading Baby Company has everything you need for your Project Nursery


What We Did During The Momzilla Fair

The 6th Momzilla fair, which is a two-day event was held at the Century City Mall in Makati last 23rd to 24th of September 2017. The said fair was initially launched in October 2015 to bring together mom and baby products in one roof.  Momzilla PH does not only aim to empower the local selling industry but to also be… Continue reading What We Did During The Momzilla Fair


Moms Dice to Win by Playdates PH

There's a new mom community in town which aim is to provide unique, memorable and fun-filled activities for parents and kids. And Playdates PH' first event lived up to that. It was my first time to try my luck at the Moms Dice To Win event yesterday which was held at Little Owl in New… Continue reading Moms Dice to Win by Playdates PH

Product Review

Why Sanosan baby care oil is perfect for your little human

1. Paraben-free 2. Free of preservatives 3. No paraffin oils 4. Colorant-free 5. Hypoallergenic 6. Clinically-tested 7. Good for all skin-types 8. Made from olive, sunflower and almond oil And as with all Sanosan products, it is gentle enough for use even on sensitive skin. I use it to moisturize Riri's bum area and in… Continue reading Why Sanosan baby care oil is perfect for your little human


My August Reading List

Before I get into something unfamiliar, I always do my research and read extensively on the subject so I can make informed choices. Whether it is a new restaurant on the block to something more complicated like going through an IVF procedure which we did to have a baby but was unsuccessful, I get my… Continue reading My August Reading List