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Survival Tips for Working From Home Moms

OK, I have 30 minutes to spare before my next zoom meeting. Now, what should I do first? Prepare this week's meal plan? Fold the clothes? Grab a snack? Juggling the many roles of being a full-time mom and a full-time remote employee at the same time is hard. And the Covid-19 situation has made… Continue reading Survival Tips for Working From Home Moms

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What #LifeInTheTimeOfCorona Taught Me

The corona virus outbreak had people retreating to their homes only going out to do important errands mostly grocery shopping. Life, as we know it, has been disrupted. We've never been through such a difficult time than this situation we are in. Majority of us are trying to cope with anxiety albeit varying degrees as… Continue reading What #LifeInTheTimeOfCorona Taught Me