Mommily: The app that every mom needs

While technology may have its disadvantages, a working mom such as myself relies heavily on apps to get me through the day. Gone are the days when mobile phones are merely used to send messages and or do phone calls. These days, my smart phone are loaded with useful apps which help make my life… Continue reading Mommily: The app that every mom needs


#MommyBFFs Who Lunch

  When your mom bff comes to you with something that would require more than your moral support, you allow yourself to take it in for  a few minutes and genuinely tell her you're with her in every step. At this rate, you'll take the plunge because you know that whatever the outcome would be, you'll… Continue reading #MommyBFFs Who Lunch

Book Review

Disclosing intimate channels to God

CAN YOU imagine yourself having a relationship with God so intimate that you never cease to write about Him everyday? Such is the portrayal of love by Rev. Fr. Andrew Greeley as he unveils his soul to God in the book, Sacraments of Love. Greeley, a priest and sociologist, is the author of more than… Continue reading Disclosing intimate channels to God


Disciplining Babies and Toddlers: A Millennial Moms PH Mom Tribe Meet Up Event

I've heard a lot from friends to know that "terrible two's" can really be terrible as what the term suggests. It may come even before your toddler turns 2, I was warned. But one thing is certain, this is the time where they would start testing the limits. And I thought I can still buy more… Continue reading Disciplining Babies and Toddlers: A Millennial Moms PH Mom Tribe Meet Up Event

Product Review

Moringa Powder and Flakes Pack A Punch

Just when I thought I've tried Malunggay in every form there is - in its raw state added to soup, in capsule, part of a chocolate drink concoction, added to a brownie, and  in tea bags. Malunggay, nature's superfood and galactagogue still continues to surprise me up to this day - 18 months into my breastfeeding journey for… Continue reading Moringa Powder and Flakes Pack A Punch

learning through play

Why Playing In The Sand Is Good For Children

You know it's a long holiday weekend when your social media feeds would all of a sudden be filled up with posts from people in transit to an exciting destination which would usually end up at a beach. I'm having a take-me-down-to-the-beach moment right now while still in my pjs. Going to the beach is… Continue reading Why Playing In The Sand Is Good For Children

Health and Wellness

Proper Hand Washing Using Safeguard

Did you know that the easiest way to remove disease-causing germs is through washing your hands with soap? And not just any soap, it should be anti-bacterial like Safeguard. Safeguard is taking active steps to spread awareness on proper hand washing. They are "saving lives by teaching better hygiene" through initiatives such as the Global… Continue reading Proper Hand Washing Using Safeguard


The Pink Tower, A Montessori Tool

There was a lot to take in at the Momtessori PH Mommy Matters PH event last 4th of November where the topic was on Why Do We Montessori.  The talk was given by Mr. Barrameda, the founding director of Abba's Orchard Montessori School in Taguig where the event was held. What I was particularly drawn to… Continue reading The Pink Tower, A Montessori Tool


Roommate of the Month for September 2017

As published on   Capes, steel shields, magnificent headpiece, sharp swords, and supernatural powers – these are some of the items that we often see in most fictional superheroes. And we know by the fact that these iconic superheroes tickle everyone’s inner child. The truth is, we had gone crazy over those awesome characters… Continue reading Roommate of the Month for September 2017

Events · learning through play

Halloween and Dress-Up Play

  What a difference a year makes! Halloween this year is busier (and literally had our hands full of treats) compared to last year where then 6-month old Riri merely observed from her stroller and couldn't be bothered with the sweets. This year had seen more action - she became a mermaid, a fairy, a… Continue reading Halloween and Dress-Up Play