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My Top Picks for June

Today is World Environment Day! For this month's favorites, let's take a look at these 3 products which champion the environment while staying true to what they promise. Don't you just love brands which care about the world we live in? When we support thoughtful brands, it's a clear win-win! Little Tree's Eco-Friendly Nappies Instagram:… Continue reading My Top Picks for June


A Mother’s Day Treat from Shopwise

You know you're a mom when an invitation to go out for wine nights becomes less and infrequent. Either you have scared the cool crowd you used to hang out with of your mommy woes or they simply have gotten tired of far too many rejections. And so when an invitation for food, cocktails and… Continue reading A Mother’s Day Treat from Shopwise


What Moms Really Want on Mother’s Day

  Getting some zzzzzzs We all know that sleep deprivation = Mom. You should sleep while the baby sleeps. We all have heard that advice from well-meaning people. That rarely happens though because given the limited spare time that we have, we try to squeeze in whatever we can within that window before the baby… Continue reading What Moms Really Want on Mother’s Day

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My Top Picks for May

It's the merry month of May! And this month marks my blog anniversary. Happy 1 year of blogging to me! To kick off another year into blogging, I'm launching this new monthly section where I will showcase new and interesting finds - products, services, places of interest etc. Feel free to share your reviews, too via… Continue reading My Top Picks for May

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Gift Suggestions for Mother’s Day

What a blessing it is to have the opportunity to celebrate a mother's unconditional love! Now is a great opportunity to give back. What better gift can we give than the things she’d never buy for herself? For the upcoming mother’s day celebration, look no further as the #MommyBFFs have rounded up 10 gift ideas to spare you the… Continue reading Gift Suggestions for Mother’s Day

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Baby Company Got You Covered This Summer

Summer's here! For many, that means going to the beach and having fun under the sun. The month-long Babies fest had us shopping at Baby Company. As my toddler has already outgrown most of her beach outfits, off we went to the SM Fairview branch to tick off some items on our list. I've rounded up… Continue reading Baby Company Got You Covered This Summer

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Beauty ABC for Moms

By: Vanessa Bernabe Last week we had a chance to gather lovely moms to sit together and learn the basics of skin care and makeup. Lady Bernabe, a professional makeup artist to public figures and brands, had all of us shaking our heads with each tip and technique she shared. Definitely an a-ha moment for… Continue reading Beauty ABC for Moms


Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is the best time to take your kids out the house and get them off anything with screen. Immerse them outdoors as mother nature is the best teacher. Connect your child with the trees, birds, clouds, sand, sea etc. Not only does it spark imagination but it teaches them responsibility. For parents with toddlers, playing outdoors allows them to practice motor skills and other skills when they do some running, jumping, throwing, catching, lifting and moving. The MommyBFFs have compiled a list of outdoor and indoor activities that your little ones can participate in this summer. We were surprised to find out really interesting things to do and places to explore without getting too far from the metro.


Mommy Mundo’s Mompreneur Meet Up

More and more moms are going into business. Whether they're pursuing a life-long passion or providing a solution to a need, mompreneurs, they are called, are proof that you can manage your household and run a business at the same time. How do the other moms do it? Mommy Mundo's Mompreneur Meet Up event last 3rd… Continue reading Mommy Mundo’s Mompreneur Meet Up

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Baby Dove: No Perfect Moms, Only Real Ones

Authenticity not Perfection Baby Dove's #RealMoms campaign assures mothers that "there’s no right or wrong way to be a mom because there’s no such thing as a perfect mom – just real moms, doing it their way." Baby Dove understands that no mom has it all together all the time. We all have our share… Continue reading Baby Dove: No Perfect Moms, Only Real Ones