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What #LifeInTheTimeOfCorona Taught Me

The corona virus outbreak had people retreating to their homes only going out to do important errands mostly grocery shopping. Life, as we know it, has been disrupted. We've never been through such a difficult time than this situation we are in. Majority of us are trying to cope with anxiety albeit varying degrees as… Continue reading What #LifeInTheTimeOfCorona Taught Me

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Self-care in the time of Corona

The enhanced community quarantine had me easing into the new normal that is the working from home setup. That should be easy, right? But not when you have a three year old who is with you 24/7. There are good and bad days. It's a struggle to have a semblance of normalcy when you no… Continue reading Self-care in the time of Corona

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Why I Babywear

Aside from a myriad of benefits that babywearing brings, the main reason why I started babywearing Riri when she turned 3 months is because I wanted to be hands-on yet hands-free. I wanted to keep her close while I go about doing things. During hospital check-ups, I wear her all the time as it is… Continue reading Why I Babywear

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Happy 52nd National Day, Singapore!

I can't help but look back on all those years where I discovered so much of the world and of myself. In 2007, I followed my heart and quit my then managerial position in Thomson Reuters in Makati to try my luck in Singapore. I know it was a gamble but there are times in… Continue reading Happy 52nd National Day, Singapore!

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On clogged ducts and nipple confusion

Three months post partum, I had a breastfeeding lactation consultant come visit me at home to check on me and Riri if she's properly-latching. Through a breast massage, she was able to clear the blocked milk ducts which were a result of my pumping. Within minutes, milk were oozing out out from new nipple pores.… Continue reading On clogged ducts and nipple confusion

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On Attachment Parenting

People who have seen how Riri is to me when we're out would probably say how clingy this baby is that she doesn't want anyone else but me which made me think how on earth did she end up like this. Is there something wrong on how I've been raising her or if there is… Continue reading On Attachment Parenting

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Looking back, I realized that I am where I am now in my career because of my education. It has opened doors for me to land a good-paying job fresh out of the university, acquired a master's degree from my own earnings, inch my way up the corporate ladder and be promoted. When the opportunity… Continue reading The Gift That Keeps On Giving