Part of Your Life. Partner for Life

Sun Life's newest campaign, “Part of your Life. Partner For Life” takes inspiration from the relationship built by Sun Life advisors and their clients throughout the years. "The relationship between Sun Life clients and their advisors is special because it's built on trust over time and shines brightest during life's significant moments," Sun Life Chief… Continue reading Part of Your Life. Partner for Life

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5 Ways To Build A Better Future For Your Family

If there is one thing the past year has shown us, it’s that uncertainty is always just around the corner. For many of us, experiencing a pandemic was a lesson in preparedness, teaching us that the best way we can be ready for anything is by protecting ourselves, our family, and our hard earned savings,… Continue reading 5 Ways To Build A Better Future For Your Family


Condotel Investing Made Easy

I usually carpool with my mother who still works up to this very day and whose office is just a few blocks away from mine. While she seems happy that she's still in the workforce despite the fact that she is past the retirement age, I probably wouldn't take the same route. I've seen people… Continue reading Condotel Investing Made Easy