Part of Your Life. Partner for Life

Sun Life’s newest campaign, “Part of your Life. Partner For Life” takes inspiration from the relationship built by Sun Life advisors and their clients throughout the years.

“The relationship between Sun Life clients and their advisors is special because it’s built on trust over time and shines brightest during life’s significant moments,” Sun Life Chief Marketing and Client Experience Officer Gilbert Simpao said.

The said campaign featured real-life heartwarming stories of a Sun Life advisor and their client whose relationships grew stronger as years went by.

Having been  a Sun Life policy holder for multiple policies, I have my own partner for life, too. Kristelle Sandoval, my Sun Life agent, grew up before my eyes having been a neighbor. She calls me her ate and I treat her as a little sister. When she told me that she has joined Sun Life, I didn’t hesitate to get a plan from her even if I have one. Since she has known me for some time already, she knows which plan would best fit my needs.

“It is true that getting a policy is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make in life. When there are family members who depend on you financially, your insurance will be the one to protect you,” Kristelle stressed. She emphasized that insurance is personal to the policy holder as it is decided upon based on one’s circumstances. 

I also never miss out on my payment due dates because she would always remind me to settle my insurance premium on time. But more than being a financial advisor, she is always there when I need someone to talk to no matter how busy her schedule can get. She is always willing to accompany me to events. She offers wisdom when I need it the most. She might be younger than me but she has taught me a lot in life including being prepared for the unexpected. I have indeed found a Partner for Life through her.

It is true what  Gilbert Simpao has emphasized during the campaign launch that Sun Life have the best advisors in the industry who not only demonstrate integrity and care for their clients but also strive to be partners in their journey towards lifetime of financial security.

Simpao added that through this campaign, they hope that more Filipinos will be encouraged to find that partner who will help them achieve their financial goals throughout their lifetime because Sun Life and its financial advisors are always there to help.

To learn more about the campaign and connect with a  Sun Life advisor, visit

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