Product Review

Test It, Taste It

At age 4, I try to provide my child with a more varied and balanced diet to include milk. Milk has always been part of her daily diet and for a good reason. Consuming milk, even for a growing, kid like my daughter, Riri comes with a host of benefits including increasing immunity and balancing nutrition. It’s a convenient source for calcium and high-quality protein food. Research shows that when you pair your child’s meals with an 8-ounce glass of milk, you can help them reach their daily recommended value for protein, calcium and vitamin D.

I’ve received the Test it, Taste it kit and took part in the Test-it, Taste-it challenge by Promil. Inside the pink box is a carton of powdered milk, a glass and an instruction card on how to prepare the milk. I was actually surprised that it taste so good – just the right amount of sweetness! I had my child try it and she liked it, too.

But aside from the taste of this growing-up milk, it’s more important to consider what’s in it. PROMIL® FOUR is scientifically designed with important and essential nutrients expertly formulated to support a child’s proper growth and mental development to help nurture the gift. Promil Four is fortified with Oligofructose, a soluble dietary fiber, Vitamin K and Manganese. For mental development, it contains DHA, Folic Acid,Lutein and Choline. It has Vitamin D and Calcium to support the normal growth and development of bones and teeth. A high source of Vitamin B12, iodine, iron and zinc. It contains Selenium to contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

I concur with the 9/10 moms of the Home Tester Club with the same testimonial. Learn more about the #TestItTasteIt Challenge through

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