Calcium Cee, a multi-tasker like mom!

If there’s anything a mom loves, it’s a multi-tasking product.

This pandemic has been forcing us to do more than ever. There never seems to be enough hours in a day to do everything on our list. We’ve assumed more roles than ever before. Juggling more than one task at once has become the way of life and that’s why we need to stay in tip top shape to keep the household running.

Vitamin C supplementation plays a significant role in keeping our body free from illnesses that weaken our immune system. It’s essential for our overall health and wellness, pandemic or not. While it’s ideal to get your vitamin C intake from food, a lot of people turn to supplementation to be able to meet the required amount.


According to, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has developed a set of reference values for specific nutrient intake levels, including for vitamin C.
One set of guidelines is known as the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) and considers average daily nutrient intake from both foods and supplements.The RDA for Vitamin C ranges from 15–75 mg for children, 75 mg for adult women, 90 mg for adult men, and 85–120 mg for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Choosing a supplement with ascorbic acid (a.k.a. Vitamin C) is usually a good choice as it has a high level of bioavailability, which means your body will be able to absorb it easily. Calcium Cee is a better choice! It’s calcium ascorbate — ascorbic acid that has been buffered by Calcium. You get the benefits of 2 in 1!

Don’t you just love supplements that are multi-taskers, too?

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