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Managing Fever At Home

The first time my child caught a fever I was so sick with worry because she was still a 6-month old baby at that time. I was also so paranoid that when the thermometer registered at 40° C, we rushed her to the hospital even if it’s in the middle of the night because you’ll never know if the fever will turn out to be an indication of something serious. It’s worth checking just to be sure.
As my daughter got older, I must say I’ve learned how to manage fever pretty well. I no longer lose my cool when my child’s temperature is on the rise. That’s why it’s always good to have a stock of Tempra products at home so I can be ready anytime.

1. Tempra Paracetamol is perfect for systemic medication. It contains 100% dissolved paracetamol in a no-shake formula syrup.

2. Tempra Cool Touch is an additional physical intervention. It’s cooling effect is sustained from night until morning and lasts up to 10 hours per sheet.
I’m worry-free knowing that both products complement each other. Tempra products are available at Watsons, South Star Drug and Rose Pharmacy branches nationwide.

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