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Survival Tips for Working From Home Moms

OK, I have 30 minutes to spare before my next zoom meeting. Now, what should I do first? Prepare this week’s meal plan? Fold the clothes? Grab a snack?

Juggling the many roles of being a full-time mom and a full-time remote employee at the same time is hard. And the Covid-19 situation has made it even harder. Many working moms have been dealing with the unprecedented situation that is working from home with kids since the quarantine has started. Almost 5 months into this setup, how are you holding up?

Gone are the access to playdates, extra-curricular activities outside the home – even asking grandma to take over and come for a visit. While the days are hard and long, the new normal arrangement allowed us to be with our kids 24/7. Who is to say that we missed out any of the milestones this time around?

Here are some tips to give you a semblance of order while navigating this new reality.

Stick to routines.
Flexible working hours might mean that routines can get thrown off. The 9 to 5 uninterrupted working hours isn’t realistic when you have kids around. If you would normally go on an exercise during the morning, allot some time for it. Schedule your physical activity just as you would your office meeting. By establishing a routine in place, you also get to manage the anxieties which are brought about by this change.

Be open with your colleagues.
Communicate with your boss and or colleagues that work calls might at times be interrupted with a loud, shrieking voice coming from that little boss in your home. The important thing is for everyone in your team to know each other’s realistic expectations, capacity and availability.

Be kind to yourself.
When things get overwhelming, take a break from it all. Remember that there is no right way of doing things and that everyone else is also going through major adjustments. Control what you can and learn to let go when you have to. Set some time for me-time even if it’s just a few minutes of quiet time in the balcony or at anywhere you can destress. You can also try waking up early in the morning – a few hours before everyone else does.

While riding out this pandemic, we’ve learned how to improvise, adjust and stretch our patience as we deal with our daily struggles. It is hard but it is also survivable. After all, aren’t we moms made of tougher stuff?

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