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Self-care in the time of Corona


The enhanced community quarantine had me easing into the new normal that is the working from home setup. That should be easy, right? But not when you have a three year old who is with you 24/7.

There are good and bad days. It’s a struggle to have a semblance of normalcy when you no longer have a few hours to yourself  – gone are the lunch breaks or the usual, quick meetups with friends.

How then do you incorporate self-care whether working from home or not in the time of corona virus? The tips below might be of help.

1.  Get out of your pajamas and slip into something nice but comfy to get you started. Sip your morning drink in peace removing away the distractions which might be in the form of your mobile phones, laptop etc.

Seize this time to be mindful by engaging your senses while drinking. How does your cup feel in your hand? Do you like the taste?

How easy it is to create mindfulness by taking a moment to enjoy your coffee or tea, right? And you only need a few minutes to get this done.

2.  Set a time in the day for reading all the messages from your chat groups. Without you realizing it, it’s so easy to absorb fear from what is being disseminated round the clock. It’s hard to bounce back whenever the news become very upsetting. Keep in mind that not everything you read on the internet is true.

3.  Do what makes you happy. If you’ve been meaning to try something but you’ve been too busy, now is a good time to go for it. Did you know that learning new things can stimulate the happy chemicals in the brain? It could be 30 minutes or even 5 minutes per day.

Whether it’s acquiring a skill or embracing a hobby, don’t be too hard on yourself.  If things don’t go your way, that’s ok.

4.  Social distancing doesn’t mean emotional distancing. With so many apps available at our disposal, it’s so easy to connect with others with just a few taps on your phone. Schedule virtual meetings with friends and family. They might be having a hard time adjusting as well.

More importantly, consider the lockdown as an opportunity to connect with the people you are sharing the same roof with.

Although there are scary and valid concerns at present brought about by the corona virus, self-care should be as much of a priority as taking care of the people in your household. It is through self-care that we can bring ourselves back to the present away from the frightening possibilities that tomorrow may bring.

One thought on “Self-care in the time of Corona

  1. Nice And helpful Tips Mommy..Will keep this i mindas for me.i seldom feel bored kasi sa totoo lang di ako nauubusan ng gawain..and for my past time i joined Giveaways ☺️


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