Eco-friendly gift ideas for the green people in your life

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From that tree-hugging colleague to a friend who wants to have a crack on how to live a sustainable lifestyle but doesn’t have a clue where to start, find something on this list of eco-friendly gift ideas to make going green easy.

Reusable Straw

This reusable straw with its own case can easily fit inside your pocket or your bag. Find no reason not to bring it with you when you’re out and about.

@silikidsph on Instagram. It comes in different colors. Or if you can, drink straight from the cup. “But where’s the joy in that?” as what your milk tea-lover friends would be quick to retort.



Reusable Tumbers

Caffeine has taken over our lives. That we know for sure! But did you know that one takeaway drink a day creates over 10 kg of waste each year? The easy solution? Invest in a reusable tumbler. Not only can tumblers keep your drink hot or cold, but it actually can make your coffee taste better sans the plastic taste.

@kleankanteen_ph on Instagram



Eco Bags

A great alternative to single-use paper or plastic bags, eco bags are made from cloth which are way more durable and can be used multiple times. Have eco bags ready inside your bag or in the compartments of your car. Don’t leave home without it!

From on Instagram



Beeswax Candles

For the stressed-out people in your life, candles instantly creates a sense of calm. But we’ve never really given much thought on the kind of candles we burn, do we? The next time you’re on the hunt candles, look for the beeswax kind. This variety have a completely clean non-toxic burn with almost no smoke and are known to be effective at removing the common allergens like dust in the air.

Check out on IG or visit their store at The Podium Mall.



Not everyone can turn into a sustainable-loving person overnight – heck even in a few days or weeks. Getting the people you care about something which they can use over and over again is a good start. For good measure, wrap these items in a brown paper, newspaper or those paper bags from the shops which are usually left forgotten.

Happy sustainable gift-giving to all my earth-loving friends!

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