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Have Laundry Will Travel: Laundry Tips When You’re Travelling


Who knew doing the laundry even when you’re travelling can be satisfying.

Here are 3 tips on how it can be done so you can spend more time on seeing more of the world instead of that mountain of dirty clothes.

  1. Wear items of clothing more than once. Before you raise an eyebrow, hear me out first. We travelled during the fall season and the weather can really get biting cold on some days that we didn’t perspire at all. The clothes still smell so good even after a long day being out and about.
  2. Spot clean.  When you spot clean, you’re only concerned with the visible spot or stain which you will need to clean by hand. You can use a white cloth or a wet wipe to remove the light stains on the fabric. You may use a bit of detergent on the area if needed.
  3. Our clothes have mostly been dried indoors as we either are booked in a hotel room or I do the laundry at night. Our clothes don’t see the sunlight most of the time.  I make sure to line up the clothes in a drying rack  and give them enough space in between so air can still pass through.


It helps to get a good laundry detergent so you can end up with clothes still smelling fresh and clean throughout the day like the new Downy Detergent which has perfume boosters to help us breeze through our itineraries without worrying if we still have something decent to wear the next day or even the day after that!



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