Back to School Shopping with National Bookstore


Whether your kid is just starting school or heading off to college, a bit of planning helps when you do your back-to-school shopping. Think of it as your head start in tackling your kid’s school assignments.

This is my second year to shop for school supplies. You would think a nursery student wouldn’t require so many things but no, I found myself looking at a long list which the teacher sent via our Viber chat group. Quite understandably so, as nursery classes are heavy on arts and crafts activities.

You don’t have to be a seasoned shopper to ace school supplies’ shopping. With the right mindset, that trip to National Bookstore is something you may find enjoyable. After all, it is still a form of retail therapy.

Here are some tips which may help you make the most out of your shopping experience at National Bookstore:

1.Take stock of what you have on hand. You might have some items lying around the house which might still be put to good use. My colleague, Hazel collects her kids’ old notebooks. Those pages which are unused, she binds into a notebook. You’ll be surprised as to how much you can save by taking on that extra effort. Also, it is a good exercise to teach the kids that not everything needs to be brand new.

2. It is wise to spend more on items that can last for years. It is more costly to keep on buying replacements.

3. Make a list and try to stick to it. Forgot to make one? Don’t worry, National Bookstore have put up blown up lists for all school levels around the store. They have arranged the items neatly into categories, too.


4. Buy in bundles. It will help you save both time and money. Check out the the Grab & Go Pack which are already pre-packed according to grade levels.


5. Buy items from the in-house brand, Best Buy. Not only are these items affordable, they’re of good quality, too!


Check out the other items that they have in the store.


Don’t forget your Laking National card so you can earn reward points.

Now, we’re all set to start the new school year!

NBSmommies shop on a budget – and overspending is NOT an option. Rachel Carpio (WonderMomma) and Emerald Bailey (Mrs. Bailey) loved all of the affordable supplies, packs, and bundles in NBS Robinsons Ermita.

Follow them as they shop in the Back to School Zone, find everything on their shopping lists, and save time, energy, and money.

Are you done with your back-to-school shopping already? Check out for updates. Follow them on Instagram @nationalbookstore and on Twitter, Viber, and YouTube – @nbsalert. Let’s go #BacktoSchoolwithNBS!

2 thoughts on “Back to School Shopping with National Bookstore

  1. ang sarap mamili sa NBS at meron ding mga bundles para sa mga tipid modes sure kang quality kapag galing NBS. pati mga books.


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