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WonderMomma Picks from Joan Miro


What a fun summer it had been for my three-year old toddler, Riri. While she had her hands full with summer classes, there are days when this bouncing ball of energy still needed to expel those excess energy off and the activity sets which I got her from Joan Miro Philippines provided the perfect solution.

Here’s our top 3 favorites from Joan Miro:

Reusable Sticker Pad


Learning about animal habitats can be fun and interactive through easy-to- peel stickers which you and your little explorer can use again and again.

Place the elephant right beside the giraffe or have it swim along with the hippo. Make your little one’s imagination run wild into the wild with this set of Reusable Sticker Pad. Each box contains 5 scenes and over 140 stickers.


Nail Stickers


Who said nail stickers are only meant for girls to play with? Joan Miro has gender-neutral designs to choose from. I had these on for days – they have bigger nail sizes, too so adults can join in the fun. It doesn’t get easily removed even after taking a bath as long as the sticker is neatly-placed on the finger nail.


Transfer Sticker

How to use: Position the sticker on the picture board, rub it with the stylus tool and watch as the pattern gets transferred to the board.

This activity develops fine motor skills, hones problem-solving skills and sparks creativity.

All activity sets are recommended for ages 3 and above. Check out @joanmiroph on Instagram.


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