Simple Steps Towards Managing Your Household Affairs with Zero Worries

Dishes piling up in the kitchen sink. Laundry forming into a mountain. Toys filling up every walkable space in the living room – you’ll never know what a harmless-looking lego brick can do until you stepped barefoot into one.

It’s a no-brainer that a mom’s life is a never-ending routine of cleaning up, washing, scrubbing, sweeping, hanging and folding. How many times have I longingly wish every household chore will be well taken care of with a wave of the wand like what fairy godmothers do! But, alas, that only happens in fairy tales. While a magic wand  is too far-fetch an idea, we can, however, have a semblace of a happy-ever-after at the end of the day depending on how we tackle our household chores.


Here are some of my tried-and-tested ones:

1. Delegate. This may seem like a Herculean undertaking because it’s easier to take on the task ourselves when we want to do certain things our way. Truth is, we can only do so much. It is only fair that you let others do their share and pull their weight in when it comes to chores if you’re all living under the same roof. Create a list or a schedule, if you must. What’s important is that you get the tasks done.

2. Find joy in the mundane. This is easier said than done but with practice, you get to learn to embrace it. If we shift our perspective, it allows us to be be more grateful in what we have at the moment like say, a house to clean, a cozy bed to sleep, food on the table, etc.

3. It’s hard to put the fun in washing the dishes when you have to deal with soiled plates and greasy pots and pans. Start off by soaking the dishes in hot water to easily break down the grease. For good measure, use a few drops of dishwashing liquid to form a solution. The new Best Ever Joy contains HOD which is an amphiphilic polymer that locks in grease better and prevents it from attaching again to dishes when rinsing plates, sponge, sink and hands. It keeps grease suspended in the wash solution and rinses off more quickly.


Have you tried the new Best Ever Joy? It comes in a limited offer of only Php99 for the 495ml bottle. It is available at all supermarkets, grocery stores and convenience stores nationwide. Joy is a quality product of Proctor & Gamble. For more information and updates on promos, follow their Facebook page,

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