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Small Acts of Love with Love, Beauty and Planet


Taking care of the planet can be as simple as choosing which beauty products to use. Never have we seen the increasing demand for brands to produce eco-friendly sustainable products. Consumers, on the other hand, are becoming more conscious on the impact of the choices they make to the environment.

These days I take my own sweet time browsing through the shelves to check the labels for harmful ingredients to look out for – not only are these a threat to my health but these have a negative impact to the environment, too.

Love Beauty and Planet is the result of Unilever Philippines’ first foray into the sustainable beauty sector. The brand which was launched late last year is known to be environmentally-responsible from sourcing its ingredients down to the packaging.

True to its name, this global eco-beauty brand is designed to make it easy for consumers to give back small acts of love to the planet. Love Beauty Planet is also committed to a less wasteful planet with every shower as the formulation of their conditioner is made of fast-rinse technology which consume less water when used. Other bath products are set to follow suit. They’re working to have “carbon footprints so small, it’s like they weren’t even here.”

At the launch, we were shown the recycling station where we can deposit the used bottles. All bottles are made from 100% recyclable plastic with labels which are easy to peel. This is to make the recycling process easier.


Now, the review.


I’ve tried the Hope and Repair line which is infused with coconut and ylang ylang oils. You’ll be glad to know that the coconut oil is from our local coconuts and which takes the place of silicones usually found in hair products.

Did you know that shampoo washes off not only the grime but the natural oils in the scalp? Without these natural oils, the scalp becomes dry and itchy.  The presence of plant-based oils in their shampoo and conditioner takes care of the scalp and makes it gentle enough for daily use. I have dry hair so this line fits the bill as it nourishes and repairs.

The conditioner, I usually let sit on my hair for a good 2 minutes or longer if I can before I rinse it all off. I can say that it rinses off easily which actually helps me save water.

Do take note that the presence of fragrance in skincare and hair products can be a potential irritant to some. This line leaves my hair smelling fresh with a hint of coconut and ylang ylang which I find not too overwhelming.

The body wash is hydrating to the skin.

I’m happy to know that I can do small acts of love for the planet by using this line from Love Beauty and Planet.

Price Range: 299 – 399 PHP

Check out their Instagram account: @lovebeautyandplanet_ph to know more.

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