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Start Your Year Whole With The Glam-O-Mamas


Why are we hard-wired to believe that we have to put the needs that of others – child and the rest of the family members first before tending to our own? This is why self-care is never without any mom guilt.

You don’t have to take an entire day off or half a day even to be able to do some self-care. Sometimes, a few minutes is enough to achieve the intended effect which is to get you recharged and relaxed ready to take on your mommy duties.

Amanda Griffin-Jacob shared easy-to-follow self-care tips at the Start Your Year Whole: Encouraging Discussions in Health, Wellness and Beauty to kick off a series of events for the Glam-O-Mamas community this year which she is a founder of.

The event took place at The Wholesome Table at Salcedo Village in Makati where moms were treated to nutrient-dense plant-based fare from the new menu created by by its founder, Bianca Elizalde who also shared the stage with Amanda at the event.


Amanda Griffin Jacob with her bestie, Bianca Elizalde

“Self-care can be something as simple as getting a good night’s rest or letting go of unsupportive friends. It isn’t about the luxuries but it is a form of survival so that moms can be their whole selves when attending to their partner, spouses and children,” Amanda shared.

As a mom to 4 kids, Amanda understands how crucial “me time” is as this is a way to refuel and reset. “Me time can be as simple as meditating for 10 minutes when you wake up or going to a cafe and reading for an hour or as elaborate as getting on a plane for a short breath from it all,” she added.

Below are Amanda’s easy-to-follow self-care tips for every mom:

1. Me time
2. Girlfriend
3. Exercise
4. Feed the mind
5. Learn to say no
6. Mindfulness

I’ve been hearing about the on-the-go vitamin infusions and how these can safely deliver vitamins and minerals directly through the bloodstream for maximum absorption. Among the benefits that you can reap out of these IV drips are increased energy, better immunity, improved sleep conditions, among others. The Core Clinic which specializes in these was at the event and some of the moms got to try these vitamin infusions for free.

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There are issues I rely on functional medicine to address. I do monthly sessions of acupuncture and myotheraphy. Not that I'm seriously ill but there are aspects of my well-being which needs help – postnatal depletion which may last up to 10 years according to Coach Joy @mommyproofingcoach because you never really get to rest after having a child, do you? At the #StartYourYearWhole event by #GlamOMamas @amandagriffin_j and @biancaelizalde, I got to try the @thecoreclinic's IV drip Vitality Boost meant for strengthening the immune system and for keeping common illnesses at bay. I had it around 7pm ish and had experienced a light headache a few hours after which didn't last long. I knew that it was my body's healing reaction as that always happen whenever my body is introduced to something new. It is an indication that something is happening. That same night I had trouble sleeping – unusual because I usually am so tired after a long day (my prenursery toddler had her school presentation plus this afternoon event which lasted until the evening). The Vitality Boost is at work! . . Come the next day, I survived without coffee and my supplements (I decided not to take them to see the effect). The nurses at The Core Clinic told me that the boost will run for days. So far, so good. If you worry about how safe the IV drips are, you can have your consultation with Dr. @drsheree. Their IV nutritional drips contain a clinically-proven blend of nutrients that are 100% pure, authentic, preservative-free and USPA grade. You may send a pm to their IG account to inquire. Another item to put under your #selfcare list! . . . #GOMEvents #GOMxTheWholesomeTable Photo taken by @leias_mom.

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Not only did I get to take home an awesome loot from brands like The Wholesome Table, Game Changer, Apotheca, Myka Limchoc, Incy Rooms, Little Luli, PlayWorks, Kajuayan, Mega Malunggay, Beaba Philippines for Baby Cook, K-Mom and Mommy Mundo but I also won free treatments from the Facial Care Center.


Here are more photos from the event.



Indeed, doing what you love to do makes all the difference. With each act of self-love, you’re sending a message that you matter. It used to be that when I fail to look after myself, I end up feeling frustrated over the littlest things and I get burnt out so easily.

Slowly, I begin to realize that a mom who does self care is a happy mom who makes a happy home. And isn’t that what we all wanted? So why don’t we shake off that mom guilt once in a while (because admit it, it’s here to stay) and put ourselves first like you would an oxygen mask and the rest will follow.

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