Enjoy a Sensory Experience with Hongkong’s Carroll & Chan 100% Beeswax Candles


Have you ever wondered why home stores are almost always never without candles? Why, they even have them on store displays as it effortlessly accentuate a space and makes it more inviting.

When lighted, the scent which comes from  candles instantly affects our mood, too. But we haven’t really given much thought on the kind of candles we burn, do we?

The candles we have at our bedside table or in the bathroom are probably made from paraffin wax, the most common ones available in the market.

I came to know more about the beeswax variety and the benefits that we can glean from using them at the Carroll and Chan store launch. It’s a Hongkong-based brand which uses 100% natural beeswax in their candles.

Why should we use beeswax candles?

1. Poses no harm to the environment as rainforests and natural animal habitats are not disturbed

2. Acts as natural ionizer as it emits negative ions to purify and  improve air quality

3. These candles don’t produce black soot which not only leaves stain on surfaces
but is harmful to the respiratory system.

4. These are from a renewable, sustainable fuel – beeswax.

5. Good for those who are sensitive to chemicals

6. Beeswax has been recognized as the best wax for making candles because it melts at a higher temperature meaning it burns for up to 40% longer than other waxes. It also burns brighter than the other waxes.

Carroll&Chan makes it better by making use of wooden wick which produces a crackling sound when lit. Poured by hand in Hongkong, each product goes through meticulous, traditional candle-making methods.

Choose from their wide range of scented candles. Their scents are based on formulations by a French scent company using high-grade ingredients.

Moreover, all their packaging are eco-friendly. Jars are from 100% recycled glass and are packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard boxes with no plastic.  The bags, on the other hand, are made of 100% recyclable paper.

At the launch, newly-weds Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia-Crawford shared how they have been making use of the these beeswax candles in turning  their home cozier.


Carroll&Chan is now open at the 3rd floor of The Podium.



Below are the photos from the launch.

Tessa Prieto-Valdes was the event’s host.
Take your pick from candles, reed diffusers and fragrance oils to transform your space into something more inviting.
Take a whiff from the wide collection of scents which will delight your senses
TIP: Coffee beans are used to cleanse your olfactory palate so you can whiff all you can.
With Grace and Vanessa
Lovely garden set up inside The Podium Mall


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