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My Top Picks for January

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The first time I used Elemi essential oil I had no idea it came from “the steam distilled from the resin of the pili tree” and that it was locally-sourced from the pili farms in Bicol province.

Later, I would also discover that the antibacterial properties that this oil has makes it good for the skin.

No wonder a lot of international brands are tapping into our pili farms as elemi oil is the next big thing in the beauty and skincare industry.

The good thing is, local brand PILI makes it convenient for us to discover the many wonders of this oil through the wide range of products it offers.

Without much further ado, here are my favorites:



I have this thing with lippies. No matter how amazing the color is on me, I wouldn’t think of buying again if it leaves my lips chapped even after a few hours of wearing it. What makes the lippies’ formulation moisture rich is because of yes, you guessed it right, elemi oil!

It glides on smoothly; feels lightweight and non-drying. You may choose from satin or matte finish. They have 10 colors to choose from.


Crystal Deodorant

How to use it? I put the stick under the tap – you don’t need a lot of water. Afterwards, I glide it under my armpits and let it dry.

This stick doesn’t contain any chemicals yet they actually do the job! Did you know that elemi oil is also known for its odor-fighting properties? Feel fresh all day the natural way!

Tip: You can also apply to sweaty hands or bottoms of the feet. Just use a different stick for each body part, ok?


Essential Oil Blends

Take your pick from the following essential oil blends which also comes in travel-sized bottles so you can bring them along with you wherever you go.  These blends come in a really nice packaging. They’re also affordable and easy to use.

Rise & Shine: Boosts energy and restores focus with a refreshing mix of citrus and elemi oils

Breathe Easy: Helps decongest clogged sinuses with an all-natural blend of essential oils

Stress Away: Soothes tired, tense muscles with eucalyptus, ginger, cypress, juniper berry, winter green, menthol and camphor oils

Buy Me Not: Repels mosquitoes and insects with citronella, lemongrass and neem oils

Sweet Dreams: Promotes a good night’s sleep by calming your mind and relieving nervous tension and stress


Check out for more details.

One thought on “My Top Picks for January

  1. How are the essential oils so far po? I just purchased the Rise and Shine blend in the hope that it will keep me focused and alert throughout our gruelling midterm exam week. Hahaha!


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