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Wet Market Concierge Service Now Available At Honest Bee

MOST DAYS I prefer to go to the wet market where I can procure the freshest produce at  prices I can haggle.

But with the holiday rush in full swing, getting from point A to point B takes up so much of my time already.

And what is a busy working mom have to do?

Leave it up to the shopper bees of Honest Bee who can easily make a beeline to the wet market to choose the farm-fresh produce or the seafood catch of the day to be delivered right at your doorstep at the time you need it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can do away with a task like doing your market errand which eats up a good chunk of your time? Save on gas, parking fee, time, and the most precious resource of all,  your energy reserves by doing your shopping via the Honest Bee app.

With well-trained shoppers who meticulously goes through each and every item, you’re assured that the chances of getting a spoiled, bruised, unsafe to eat goods are nil. In case you’re not satisfied with a certain item, worry not as there’s someone from Honest Bee who will assist you with any after-service concerns you may have. It’s also like having a personal shopper who can tell you which fruits are in season; which is the best alternative in case an item ran out, etc.

And as if these reasons are not enough for you to #JustHonestBee, you’d be glad to know that the shopper bees only hover about in stalls which passed the strictest standards of Honest Bee.

From food delivery to getting your shopping done, there are more and more reasons coming your way to #JustHonestBee.

The #MommyBFFs took the morning off to go to the Farmers Market in Cubao to see the shopper bees in action. We had the rare chance to experience how it is to be shopper bees for a day.

What we’ve discovered? Their work is a lot harder than we thought. Their job does not entail simply going from one stall to another to pick up the online customer’s orders, they need to ensure that the goods are fresh, of high quality and in a good state. This is why shopper bees need to go through extensive training to qualify for the job.

Our ate shopper bee showed us how it’s done and even shared some tips on how to check if a produce is of the fresh variety.

But of course, you have the option to just shop via the Honest Bee app and just leave the job to the shopper bees who would gladly do it for you.

More jobs for them and added convenience for you. The Php 99 shopper’s fee and a Php 49 delivery fee still come cheap if you’re going to factor in all the costs when you do the wet market shopping yourself.

The wet market concierge service is  now available to areas around Metro Manila, including the Novaliches, Malabon, Valenzuela, Marikina, Antipolo, Cainta and Malolos and Meycauayan in Bulacan. Those from Metro Cebu can also enjoy the same shopping convenience. As what Honestbee Country Manager Crystal Lee-Gonzalez used to say, “our service is all about convenience.”

Here are photos from our palengke day at Farmer’s Market in Cubao.

















Download the Honest Bee app for free via the Apple App store and Google Play store. For updates, follow Honestbeeph on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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