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Jiggly Bath Jelly Makes Bath Time More Fun

I don’t always have the answer to my two-year old’s never-ending how and why questions. If I got stuck, we look for the answer together.  Or ask someone who may have the answer.

These seemingly repetitive questions that our toddlers ask everyday may tire us out but the way we respond can spark their interest on how they would see and understand the world. Don’t underestimate a child – they’re actually little thinkers brimming with ideas.

You’ll be surprised that the latest product from Human Nature, the Jiggly Bath Jelly was a brainchild of a kid.

Chloe, daughter of Anna Meloto-Wilk, Co-Founder and President of Human Nature was the one who thought of coming up with a bath product which comes in jelly form. She also approved the prototype making sure that the consistency, scent and color would appeal to the kids. Her main consideration: it should be fun to use!


I have a few tricks up my sleeve for those days when trying to get my toddler to get inside her mini tub entails chasing her around the house first. The recent addition to my bag of tricks is this Jiggly bath Jelly which we got to know more of during the event launch.

Here’s what makes it appealing to me and my toddler:

  1. It’s in jelly form.
  2. It smells of blueberry.
  3. It’s in a bright, red color.
  4. The lather it creates will keep your kids entertained.
  5. It’s free of parabens, sulfates and synthetic colorants.
  6. It’s made of coconut-derived cleansers and glycerin which keeps the skin nourished.

This all-natural and kid-approved product might just be the answer whenever bath time turns into a dreaded routine.

We enjoyed washing our hands using the Jiggly Bath Jelly as we watch the lumpy red jelly slide in between our fingers. It also makes for fun sensory activity for toddlers.

Jiggly Jelly Format

Here are photos from the launch.



_MG_3873 (1)

_MG_3876 (1)


_MG_3952 (1)

Check out for more information on this product your kids would love.

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