Give the Gift of Health with Healthy Options’ Christmas Collection

Let the holiday season be merry and bright by spreading the good cheer through gift-giving. It’s the most wonderful time of the year after all!

Healthy Options recently unveiled its 2018 Christmas catalogue, “A Christmas Story,” which was held at its flagship store at the Shangri-La Edsa.

From guilt-free to gluten-free, this year’s limited collection has something for everyone – yes, even the most health-conscious tita!

When it comes to gift-giving, you can’t go wrong with holiday baskets filled to the brim with treats which look so indulgent you’d think they’d rather be reserved for cheat days. White cheddar cheese popcorn, salted caramel cocothins cookies, peanut butter crème-filled crispy wafers, chocolate barks, dark chocolate pretzel crisps, habanero corn snacks – all these treats make for healthy snacking which you can find in the collection.

Make sure to stock up and delight those dear to you with food, beverage and skincare items which are curated exclusively for the holiday season and which are only available in limited quantities. Why not go get one (or two) for yourself as well as these are items you would one to receive.





And here’s a peek at the Healthy Options’ A Christmas Story:


Gifts of Christmas Past

Gourmet Gift Hamper

This gift set comes with a beautifully-crafted wicker basket. Inside lies a premium assortment of delectable ingredients that one could possibly need to create a healthful gourmet meal fit for a king or a queen. Only 200 pieces are available.

gourmet gift hamper


Family Feast

Packed to please the most discriminating of tastes, this gift box is sure to delight each member of the family.  It is overflowing with a bountiful selection of savory snacks, beverages and easy-to-cook food items which everyone would love.

family feast



Created to meet those with specific dietary concerns such as sensitivity to gluten or just avoiding gluten in general, this carefully-selected gift box has variety of gluten-free goodies from beverages to snacks.

gluten free



This gift box contains an assortment of energy-boosting assortment of snacks. This is for those who needs a high-fiber and high-protein content in their diet.




Let your loved ones and friends still enjoy all the flavor without the guilt of high sodium content with these curated goodies which are low in sodium.

low sodium


Gifts of Christmas Present

Volumizing and Moisturizing

These travel-sized Giovanni skincare products would eventually become a frequent luggage staple for that someone who loves to travel.




Infused with certified organic ingredients, this Makes 3 gift pack has a miracle balm, liquid soap and soap bar.




Gift someone with that natural glow which comes from cruelty-free line from Derma-E which contains ingredients to nourish your skin.




This Giovanni ultra-moist gift pack has shampoo, conditioner and body wash which makes a perfect gift for everyone on your list.



Gifts of Christmas Yet To Come

Sparkling Grape Juices

A bottle of bubbly adds that special touch to any occasion. Only for this Christmas collection, each bottle of sparkling grape juice is hand-painted and made from 100% all-natural grape – free from alcohol, added sugar and preservatives or colorings.



Non-alcoholic Wines

Take a sip of Chardonnay, Syrah and Merlot sans the alcohol.

non alcholic


Organic Wines

Handpicked from the organic vineyards of Mureda in Spain,  these wines are soft, fruity and easy to drink.



Tea and Biscuits

A charming pairing of 100% natural tea blends and crispy wholesome biscuits make for the most delectable afternoon snacking duo. Bite into savory or sweet flavors and take a sip of concoctions that are not laden with sugar or artificial ingredients.

tea biscuits


Pasta and Sauces

Take your pick from whole wheat, semolina rice, quinoa or amaranth pasta. Then, top off with gourmet-crafted pasta sauces sourced from Italy.



Chips and Crackers

These are made with plant-based, nutrient-dense ingredients which you can healthy munch on anytime you please.



Chocolates and Cookies

There’s always room from sugar, spice and all things nice with these healthy snacking alternatives.



Nuts and Trail Mix

There’s more reason to go nuts over the assortment of protein-rich nuts and trail mixes which makes snacking at its absolute finest.



Natural Beauty

Experience head-to-toe pampering with these nourishing helpers from nature.

natural b


Gift Cards

Give the gift that keeps on giving and grant the recipient the option to choose the perfect gift through the Healthy Options’ gift cards which are available in denomination of Php500 and Php1000 redeemable in all stores.

guft cards


Gift Packaging

Choose from the following gift packaging options:



Healthy Options has made the gift-giving easy through the online shopping option. Now, given all the options above, the only thing left to do is to choose!

Check out their website at for more details.

Happy Holiday Shopping!




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