The MOD MOMS Came To Party

Michelle Aventajado, mom of four and the woman behind the Momma ‘n Manila hosted
ModMoms at Aruga by Rockwell which had all the elements of a children’s party it made me feel like I’m crashing into one.

Photo 23-08-2018, 11 57 58 AM

Mish brought together in one place a few of her favorite things which had been making her life easier and which she wanted the moms to know more of.


Amara Lab
Through the make-and-take essential oils workshop led by Betty Sy, moms were able to create diy blends for the entire family.

Got the sniffles? Tummy aches? Mommy brain fog, even? Why not consider using a safe and natural alternative first and experience the healing powers of plant-based oils  before making that trip to the drugstore?

You’ll be surprised that there are essential oils for each of the minor ailments that we may have. With the proper use of essential oils, you’re closer to your goal of achieving a chemical-free home and lifestyle.

Photo 23-08-2018, 1 36 29 PM
Betty Sy walked us through the benefits of essential oils and how we can tap into these to improve our health and well-being.


Mesclun Kids and The Event Architects
The set up by Mesclun Kids and The Event Architects complete with buntings and pink floral wall is but fitting for a little princess. Throw in this pretty pink cake stuffed chocolates for good measure and wait for your little princess to smother you with sweet tiny kisses – the best feeling in the world!


We all made a beeline to this cookie bar which features the best thing next to having cookies – a warmer! I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Aruga by Rockwell

When you have a daughter, tidbit of information like Aruga by Rockwell has a princess-themed suite is something you happily commit to memory which not even mommy brain fog can reach. No siree!

Aruga - Themed Suites flyer2

Cinq Dessert Boutique

Just when we think we had our fill of sweets, Cinq Dessert Boutique has prepared a generous spread with their decadent treats for all of us to dig into and dig into, we did. We also got to bring home tarts which were so heavenly that I took my time which each luxurious bite.

Manulife GradMaker

Manulife came out with Gradmaker which is a mobile app which makes saving up for your child’s tution fee convenient and flexible.

It was designed to meet the needs of parents who want to start planning for their child’s college education, but may be too busy to meet with investment counselors or financial advisors, or think that investing is expensive.

To know more about it, checkout the Manulife website.


We all also get to take this loot of organic products from Zenutrients. We all ended up having so many bags to carry from generous sponsors.


What happens when a mom gathers together a group of moms in an afternoon of learning while having fun? The result is all sorts of wonderful.


The MommyBFFs came out to party!

Photo 23-08-2018, 3 57 30 PM
L-R Rachelle, Myka, Mish, Betty, Vanessa and Rich
L-R Rich, Rachelle, Pam and Vanessa
Photo 23-08-2018, 3 29 14 PM
The Modern Mommas On The Go


Photo 23-08-2018, 1 59 05 PM

Photos from Nino Aventajado

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