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My Top Picks for August

We’ve lived with plastics and have gotten used to the convenience of having them around for so long that ditching them and making that eco switch can be quite a challenge.

Here’s a usual scenario. There’s a heavy downpour. You alight from a vehicle and duck straight into the nearest building to seek shelter and what do you know, there’s a stand for single-use plastics which is meant for those rain-soaked umbrellas.

Lacking an alternative, you take one. What do you do with the used plastic afterwards? It goes right into the bin after it has served its purpose.

When we realize that living a close to plastic-free lifestyle (just being realistic here!) is a win-win to both our health and the world we live in, our dependency on plastics may soon be a thing of the past.

Yes, it is doable and your single act can really make a huge difference!

While we are mostly aware of the serious repercussions plastics can do to the environment such as polluting our oceans; harming wildlife; filling up landfills – these emit toxic gases when incinerated which can then find its way to sewers and bodies of water, etc.; plastics can also pose a threat to our health.

Do you know what BPA does? Bisphenol A is used to harden plastics and is found in a lot of commercial products. It is a hormone-disrupting chemical known to cause widespread damage throughout the body. You can google it up for a detailed explanation on the effects of BPA. I hope what you’ll find would scare you enough to avoid plastics like the plague.

Avoiding using plastics completely may seem impossible for now but here are eco-friendly alternatives for us to slowly get there.

1. Montiico

Made of stainless steel, this dent-resistant bottle can seriously take a beating. It is  lightweight and easy to carry around as it comes with a handle (carabiner). The best feature? It keeps water cold for up to 24 hours while hot water remains as it is for 12 hours.

Order yours from Instagram: @brightbrandsph and choose your preferred color.


2. Zippies
One look and you’ll see that this looks like a glorified version of the ziplock but here’s why I didn’t have second thoughts getting them in all sizes – these are reusable! Wash with a liquid detergent and it’s as good as new. I’ve seen moms who have used the biggest size to store frozen meats. The medium and small-sized ones are great for keeping your kids’ snacks fresh.

Get it from The Parenting Emporium. Instagram: @theparentingemporium.


3. Yumbox
This bento-style leakproof container is not just for kids but for adults, too. What I like about this is that it keeps the food in place including the sauces which wouldn’t leak in between compartments. Food is kept fresh that way.
This saves you money by eliminating the need for multiple containers and zip bags.
It’s easy to create variety in what goes inside your kid’s baon with this yumbox, think about the different ways to present meals in a fun way.

Order yours from Instagram: @brightbrandsph.


There you have it! You can start small if you feel overwhelmed with the many ways to reduce your eco footprint. Remember, we only have one liveable planet.

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