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From Grass to Glass, there’s #AWholeLotToLove with Anchor Milk


We grew up knowing that a glass of milk can provide all that healthy goodness. But what most of us aren’t aware of is that only if the milk is sourced from grass-fed cows living in lush, green farms. Milk, after all, is not created equal.

Come breakfast time, the milk which ends up on our table may already contain chemicals from the way it was processed and preserved. Chemicals which make milk do more harm than good.

As moms, we may be OA about a lot of things when it comes to our babies – toys and wares should be BPA-free; skincare products should be paraben-free; laundry detergents should be SLS-free, clothing should be free from synthetic materials; snacks should be GMO-free, less sugary etc.

But do we exercise the same diligence when looking for the right brand of milk?

This is why we should check the ingredients’ section of our milk brand.  With milk, more doesn’t mean better. Did you know that Anchor milk, a brand which has become a household name contain just one ingredient which is Fresh Cow’s Milk.



This is just one of the many things we learned from the Anchor Mommy and Milk brunch event hosted by Xandra Rocha. The round table discussion gathered moms, media partners and the Anchor brand team. Nutritionist Manager JV Salamat gave her expert advice on nutrition.


Anchor mommies together with Anchor's brand team for the intimate brunch to discuss nutrients present in Anchor milk (2)


What’s in your milk?

Check the ingredients’ list. Read up! Does your milk contains any of these ingredients in the photo?

Ice breaker activity to discuss about the ingredients present in milk for children's nutrition (2)



Milk doesn’t need to have a lot of ingredients for it to be considered a healthy product. Milk, in its raw state which is from farm to table is still the best form as it never has to go through all that processes before it reach our table.

Anchor believes in the wholeness of its milk products and these are the ingredients that are necessary for your child’s nutrition: whole milk powder, lecithin, ferric pyrophosphate, Vitamin C, A and D3.



There’s #AWholeLotToLove about Anchor’s milk and here’s why:

  1. Their milk products are naturally-rich in disease-fighting antioxidants because the cows live and eat on the pasture as what nature has intended.
  2. Calcium is more bioavailable as there’s less filler. What does bioavailable mean? Calcium may be more easily absorbed vs other milk products which contain less dairy.
  3. Protein is of high-quality because it is from natural dairy protein.


Variety of Anchor milk products including Anchor Full Cream Milk Powder, Anchor Full Cream UHT Milk, Anchor Low Fat UHT Milk, and Anchor Family Mi (2)


A brand owned and produced by Fonterra, a cooperative owned by 10,500 farming families in New Zealand who take pride in what they do, it is the most trusted source of dairy nutrition in the world.  Did you know that Anchor has been providing pure dairy goodness to millions of families around the world for over 100 years?

Anchor ensures that all products meet the regulatory requirement not just in New Zealand but where the products are going.  All products meet the tightest of guidelines when it comes to quality.


Why milk?

For us moms, it’s important that we give our kids the proper nutrition as they grow. Proper nutrition is vital in helping them realize their maximum potential.

Milk is not only high in calcium but it provides good bioavailability as compared with most plant-based sources.

While it is true that you can get calcium from other sources, drinking your milk is one of the easiest way to meet one’s calcium requirement.

Milk is undoubtedly a product that kids can enjoy and where they can get high-quality nutrition at the same time.



Anchor offers #AWholeLotToLove with a diverse range of milk offerings suitable for your child’s nutritional needs. These are: Full Cream milk powder and Full Cream UHT milk. For those who love chocolate, there’s a chocolate-flavored Family Milk. For adults, there’s Low Fat UHT Milk. Visit for more details.


Here are more photos from the brunch event.

Table set-up for Anchor Mommy and Milk (2)




Katz Lobregat-Enriquez- Marketing Consultant, JV Salamat- Nutrition Manager, Chio Cebrero- Sr. Brand Manager, Rica Mateo- Brand Manager, Jasmin Magsajo – Marketing Director of Fonterra Philippines


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