A Mother’s Day Treat from Shopwise

You know you’re a mom when an invitation to go out for wine nights becomes less and infrequent. Either you have scared the cool crowd you used to hang out with of your mommy woes or they simply have gotten tired of far too many rejections.

And so when an invitation for food, cocktails and and wine-tasting event landed on my lap, it was something I couldn’t just pass up. This is the closest to having a wine night – at least for me! Like a cherry on top (of a margarita drink), it would be an event for moms in celebration of Mother’s Day.

I knew that this is something worth braving the traffic for. And so off we went to make the trip from north to south. Shopwise Alabang, where the event will be taking place is located inside the Festival Mall. This mall, as I’ve been told, is something that is hard to miss but as someone who hails from the north, I would have to rely on good-old waze to get me there.

Radio DJ Jamie Fournier hosted the event which kicked off with Chef Jee Mingoa showcasing his culinary skills and techniques. He was able to come up with these quick, easy and healthy meals fit for a queen. Chef Jee Mingoa is a seasoned chef of Alchemy Bar and Bistro.




The afternoon got a bit more exciting with a wine flairing show by Joseph Apostol who is also the president of the Philippine Wine Flairing. Flairing is what bartenders usually do when they juggle mostly breakable things like bottles because where’s the thrill in throwing non-breakable things in the air?




You have to hand it to Joseph for coming up with unique names for cocktail concoctions such as blossoming mama which is fork-embellished glass below.


The much-awaited portion was the wine-tasting by Matthia Mauri who is an Italian wine expert who has recently moved to Australia to study. He also represents the top-selling wine brands such as Beach Hut, Chain of Fire and Lakefield which are exclusively being sold at Shopwise branches.



We all took advantage of having a wine expert in attendance as we get to bombard him with questions alcohol-related.



Thanks Digital Circles and Shopwise Alabang for an afternoon of getting to know our wines, which food goes well with which wine (also known as food pairing for the uninitiated), gaining a little bit of confidence in the kitchen and knowing which ingredients make the best cocktail drinks.





Over free-flowing food and drinks, we get to prop our feet up and have easy conversations with other moms in a venue which doesn’t require us to wear heels. Indeed, wine makes for good conversations.


Nothing like a good old glass of wine to help us cap a rather long day after putting the kids to bed.


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