What Moms Really Want on Mother’s Day

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Getting some zzzzzzs
We all know that sleep deprivation = Mom.

You should sleep while the baby sleeps. We all have heard that advice from well-meaning people. That rarely happens though because given the limited spare time that we have, we try to squeeze in whatever we can within that window before the baby wakes up and everything else goes to back to being secondary.

Sleep-all-day in pjs remains but a dream but don’t we wish we can do it someday (soon)?


Coming home to a tidy house
When you finally have kids, having a house that is spic and span becomes a thing of the past. Sure, you can sort out the mess but it wont be long before the house gets back to its usual state of disarray.

But wouldn’t it be nice if the house can be kept clean and orderly even just for a day?


Chores tend to take some precious time away which we rather would spend bonding with the kids. But they need to be done.

It would delight us to no end if someone would offer to run some errands for us or to volunteer to take some chores off our hands.

Do Nothing
What? Seriously. I know we forgot how it is to not do anything. Our minds have been wired to wander off to that mental list of things to do. Stop. We can all use that time to be more mindful. To breathe and meditate. And to be grateful.

Hugs and Kisses
Now this last item on the list is the easiest, realistic and the most practical. Wouldn’t you agree? Hugs and kisses would sure beat the most expensive gifts out there. Sometimes these are just what we need to validate that what we are doing is right.


You’re reached the end of this post. To all you momma’s out there, you’re all amazing. Happy Mother’s Day!

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