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My Top Picks for May

It’s the merry month of May! And this month marks my blog anniversary. Happy 1 year of blogging to me! To kick off another year into blogging, I’m launching this new monthly section where I will showcase new and interesting finds – products, services, places of interest etc.

Feel free to share your reviews, too via the comments’ section.


Tea Set For Two from Hape


Would you like to have a cup of tea? Spend hours of role play and pretend time with this wooden toy set from Hape. Join in the fun and allow your child’s imagination to take flight – the possibilities are endless when it comes to pretend play.

We got this set from Hamleys of London while on holiday in Singapore at $39. Before you ask your friends based overseas, check out our local stores like Toy Kingdom and Toys R Us. They do carry this brand.


Honest Stain Remover by The Honest Co


When I started babywearing, I learned from other moms that I only need to spot clean areas of my Tula standard baby carrier instead of washing the entire thing. Made my life easier right? But what made it harder is the search for the right brand of stain remover. I wouldn’t want anything but the Honest Stain Remover which at the time I would’ve to be shipped from the US.

That is why I couldn’t contain my happiness when I chanced upon this bottle last weekend at The Green Company. I didn’t know they have it on their shelves!

What do I love about it? It does what it is expected to do, gentle on the skin, color-safe on anything washable, versatile and doesn’t contain any nasties. The Honest Company which is founded by Jessica Alba is known to be eco-friendly.


Sealing Clips from IKEA


I know we all couldn’t wait for IKEA to finally put up a store here. IKEA makes diy projects and life hacks easier to achieve. But for the meantime, we can source out items from various trustworthy resellers.

One of my favorite items from this store would be the Sealing Clips which comes in assorted colors and sizes to match your preference. Made of plastic material, they are built to last. You’ll be surprised by its many uses.

Here’s one: You can instantly convert a lampin or muslin cloth as a bib by placing the ends together using this clip.


Fabric Softener from Tiny Buds

2018_0506_09091100 tinybusds

Is it really necessary to wash your baby’s clothes with a fabric softener? Only with the right fabric softener! Tiny Buds is made with plant-based ingredients. You are assured that by only using the safest ingredients with your little one in mind,  your baby’s health wouldn’t be compromised.

Have you ever noticed that your baby’s clothes tend to lose its softness when you wash them with just a laundry detergent? Using fabric softener would keep your baby’s clothes, sheets and laundry soft and fluffy to the touch.


There goes this month’s favorites. Watch out for the new batch of items for next month.

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