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Baby Company Got You Covered This Summer

Summer’s here! For many, that means going to the beach and having fun under the sun.

The month-long Babies fest had us shopping at Baby Company. As my toddler has already outgrown most of her beach outfits, off we went to the SM Fairview branch to tick off some items on our list.

I’ve rounded up a few summer essentials that my toddler would need for our upcoming getaway and have come up with our top 10 must-haves when going to the beach.



1. Swim Diaper


My toddler is not yet potty-trained so a swim diaper is the way to go. You can opt for either the disposable or the reusable type. These swim nappies are worn underneath the swimsuit to contain poo while swimming because imagine the horror if you’re in a pool and suddenly a submarine decides to come up and made its presence known to those around.

Save yourself from this humiliation by getting a swim diaper!

Price: The  Charlie Banana brand  (the one in the photo) is 649.75. Belle & Coco also carries swim diapers which are priced at 249.75.


2. Swimsuit with a built-in floater

Riri trying on one. The built-in floater is not yet inflated here.

I am not sure what this one is called but whoever came up with this design is a genius! My toddler can move her hands freely as she is not bounded with a ring floater. But that means she can be left unsupervised – someone still needs to prop her up and support her when in the water.

Here’s a practical mommy tip: when buying clothes for your child, it is better to tag them along with you so they get to try on the items. It’ll save you a second trip to the store in case there is a need for a replacement. And in case the store doesn’t have the right size, then you’ll have to go replace it with another item which is of the same or higher value.

Price: 699.75 from Baby World, 20% off not yet applied.  



3. Sun Hat


Some moms cannot be bothered with a hat! The sun can get too hot and can pose serious damage to the head, hair and scalp.

Opt for a hat which protects against the harmful UV rays. Make sure the brim is wide enough to cover the face.

Price: 249.75 from Baby World, 20% off not yet applied






4. Water Shoes



Protect those little feet from uneven surfaces, rugged edges and who knows what else.

The sand can also be too hot for those little feet to walk on.

This type of shoes doesn’t retain water inside.



Price: 299.75 from Baby World, 20% off not yet applied




5. Sand Toys


Make the beach your child’s big playground. Pack some beach-appropriate toys – shovel, bucket, squirt toys are just some of the toys which you can bring to the beach.

Sand Play promotes open-ended play and there’s really no right way of using it. It is the child who decides what to do with it – dig, mold, pour, scoop, build. With this freedom comes the ability for the child to learn about concepts on how the world works.

Price: Wind up penguin is 129.75, Set of toys 239-299.75. 20% off not yet applied.



6. Sunscreen



Use a sunscreen which is formulated for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Remember to apply it 20-30 minutes before heading out to the sun. Reapply when there is a prolonged sun exposure.



Price: 319.00 from Beach Hut




7. Sunnies


Not only would your toddler look cute sporting shades but it serves a greater purpose which is to shield their eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

The SM Fairview branch doesn’t carry any shades at the moment but that didn’t stop me from checking out the other Baby Company branches to get hold off one.

The Real Shades brand color has a comfortable wrap around frame that will fit snugly into your little one’s head.

Price: 894.75 from Real Shades



8. Wet wipes



Whether we are at the beach or not, we are never without any wet wipes.

These Pigeon wet wipes are a steal at 649.75 from its usual price of 778.50. You get to save  128.75.





Price:  649.75 from Pigeon




9. Storage Bags


These multi functional storage bags from Mother-K are what we use in repacking baby’s food and snacks. We use it to pack utensils, toothbrush, breast pump parts and even the small toys but not small enough to be a choking hazard.

Good for organization as we can easily see what we need without rummaging through all everything inside the bag because of its see-through design.

Price: 429 from Mother-K





10.  Rice Powder from Tiny Buds


Did you know that powder can help remove the sand from your skin?

Surprised, aren’t you?

That is why we’re bringing this gem of a find along with us on our beach trip.  It would keep my toddler fresh all day despite being out in the sun.

And because this powder is made from real rice grains,  it is talc-free. So no need to worry about having your babies inhale those harmful particles which can cause breathing problems and other serious issues.

Price: 118 from Tiny Buds



For this month, we were able to score the air humidifier. This is free with a minimum P3,500 spending requirement in a single-receipt with your Mom card. The Mom Card is a loyalty program which earns you points for every purchase. You get dibs on the latest promos, VIP access to events, freebies and other exclusive perks.  If you don’t have one yet, getting one is easy – you just need to fill out the form and pay 100 pesos for the fee at any Baby Company stores. You can use and get it on the same day.






We’ve been using the air humidifier at home and we love how easy it is to use and maintain. Since it is the summer months, the aircon is in full blast most of the time.  Aircon removes the moisture from the air causing  the air to be dry.  Air humidifiers are what brings moisture back thus improving air quality.

You wouldn’t want to be confined in a room with dry air for a prolonged period as such may cause sinus problems, asthma, sore throat, nose bleeding, eczema, itchy skin and even dry hair.

The size makes it easy to bring along on out-of-town trips.




Here are the other promos for April.








And below are my other mom finds.






Check out Baby Company’s Facebook, Instagram and Website for the latest news and upcoming promos.

Happy Shopping!

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