Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is the best time to take your kids out the house and get them off anything with screen. Immerse them outdoors as mother nature is the best teacher. Connect your child with the trees, birds, clouds, sand, sea etc. Not only does it spark imagination but it teaches them responsibility. For parents with toddlers, playing outdoors allows them to practice motor skills and other skills when they do some running, jumping, throwing, catching, lifting and moving.

The MommyBFFs have compiled a list of outdoor and indoor activities that your little ones can participate in this summer.  We were surprised to find out really interesting things to do and places to explore without getting too far from the metro.

Explore The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena

We often worry that our children are not exposed to nature anymore, and that they wouldn’t experience the great outdoors that is part and parcel of our treasured childhood memories. Fortunately, Fun Farm at Sta. Elena is a place where the young ones can learn, play, and experience nature, and at the same time the adults can have some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life too! Aside from greenery, fresh air, and picnic areas, children (and adults) can enjoy a variety of other activities such as seeing (and feeding) animals, and going fishing. The drive to Laguna will definitely be worth it if it means that the kiddos can run freely, play, and learn in and about nature, too!

Check out their website:


Take swimming lessons at Aqualogic Swim Co.

Summertime always translates to swimming time, but if you are a parent of a young toddler, you still get excited/nervous/scared about letting your little one into the water. So which swim school do you enroll in? Aqualogic Swim Co. boasts of years of expertise with very young children (and nervous parents). They offer classes in several areas. Lessons are not only to equip your child with the fun (and very important) capability to swim, they also offer bonding time between baby and parent since parents swim with the little ones, too!

Their courses include:

AQUABABES (6-35 months / accompanied by parent or guardian) They use a gentle, non-traumatic approach by using songs, games, and colorful toys.

AQUATOTS / AQUAKIDS (2-14yo) A non-traditional approach in teaching kids by using interactive games and engaging pool toys.

AQUATECH (15 above) Adults learn proper stroke technique through progression of drills that lay the foundation of graceful and effortless swimming.

Aside from the courses they offer, they also have AQUAPARTIES, a swim party conducted by aqualogic swim instructors. Lots of colorful toys and games included.

Check out their website at:

Horseback-riding at the Marikina Equestrian Center

There’s a place near the metro where you can saddle up and learn how to ride a horse. Right in Marikina is the Marikina Equestrian Center where they provide horseback riding classes. Let your child see an actual horse up close, learn about their ways and feed them with carrot sticks.

Check out their FB page:

Ballet classes at Twinkle Toes Ballet and Music Academy

Encourage your child’s love for music and movement with ballet classes. Your little ballerina twirling around in a tutu would not just develop graceful movements but it would also build her confidence. The discipline which goes with ballet would also help kids take on difficult tasks when they get older.

Check out their FB page:

Mom and Baby Yoga and Toddler Yoga at Playworks

Yoga is a wonderful way for children to nourish the spirit and stimulate development. Some of its benefits include a stronger body, improved digestion and relief for colicky babies, and better sleep, to name a few. It’s also a great way for kids to bond with their parents and carers.

Birthlight Yoga incorporates all the benefits of touch, along with the joy of movement and stillness of deep relaxation. The programs will cover techniques of breathing, relaxation, and gentle yoga movements to be taught to mothers, fathers, and carers. Birthlight Yoga classes are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Playworks Makati, starting May 9. Infants Yoga (3 months to 2 yrs. old) is at 2:30-3:30 PM and Toddlers Yoga (2 to 4 yrs. old) is at 3:30-4:30 PM. Please call 555.0497 for more details.

Check out their Instagram page: @playworks.ecc

Immerse the Little Performers with the Arts at Make Believe Productions

Fulfill your role as a stage mommy while your little ones have fun and stimulate their passion and imagination through Make Believe Productions! Make Believe Productions offer a variety of workshops for different age groups, toddlers included! From singing, theater, to arts and crafts, there definitely is something for your little one to try out.

Check out their website:


Cooking at the Back of the House

Cooking is fun and a great bonding experience for both adults and kids! Back of the House in Quezon City offers kids’ classes for April (which are for the older kids ages 6-12 but younger kids can be included with strict supervision). Just the thought of the menu- Rainbow pancakes, strawberry swirl muffins, chicken pumpkin crepes – is enough to make my mouth water!

Check them out!

FREE PLAY event at Rustan’s. Perlerbeads and Motion Sand have set-up a play area where kids can get creative. See poster below for details.


Mom and Me Easter Workshop by Oli’s Boxship.

Enjoy a summer series crafternoon with a slime-making workshop and an egg-hunt. See poster below for details.


Bring your little explorers at the Mind Museum.

With over 250 interactive exhibits, 3D theater, planetarium shows, experiment demos, your kid wouldn’t ran out of things to do at the Mind Museum. Enroll your little scientist to the Junior Mind Mover Program which is a summer class where kids can go behind-the-scenes of the museum’s galleries and exhibits.

Check out their website:


Be a kiddie crew at McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop
This is their annual summer program where kids get to experience how it is like to be working as a crew member of McDonald’s while they to meet new friends and learn new skills.

Check out their website:


Part of being a mom is to ensure your children grow up to be the best person that they’re meant to be. Quite frankly, playing that role is no easy feat. We suddenly become responsible for raising a good man or woman.

One way to keep us on that track is to hone their skills to prepare them for the real world. While we sometimes think it’s a weight on our shoulders, there are many institutions that can help us with the load.

Spark Discovery

It’s a learning culture where children of all ages are empowered to discover, explore, and pursue their interests, and develop their full potential through letting them explore while having fun.

Spark community uses appropriate resources and wide range of opportunities to engage and make the kids feel confident.

They offer the “Spark Kids program” a course designed for children ages 1-5, which uses a dynamic approach to teaching and learning, engaging and problem solving, imagining and innovating. The program carefully selects experiences that ignite children’s imaginations, supplemented by guided opportunities to explore and pursue their interests and curiosities.

It’s divided into Toddler time (ages 1-2years), level 1 (1.11 to 2.6 years), level 2 (2.7 to 3.11 years) and level 3 (4 to 5.11 years).

They also offer developmental programs for specialized services like speech therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, coaching and learning support.

Apart from that, they have discovery programs, an after school activities that explore children’s capacities and taps into a range of intrinsic abilities. Conducted by partner teachers in areas that include expressive arts, music and movement, and language. Activities include kids yoga, baby ballet, music and movement, engineer for kids, and art and painting for kids.

To know more about Spark Discovery, go to

Summer Camp at Gymboree

Gymboree programs are specially designed to help children learn and develop as they play. There are several activities which are being offered in Gymboree Campuses across the metro which are:

1. Open House Summer Camp
Gymboree Sofitel will be holding a FREE Summer Class for kids aged 2-5yo on the 24th of March. Fun activities await all the kids who will register via 551-5555.


2. Summer Treats
Free 30 minutes of play every 3-6pm on Mondays and Tuesdays at Gymboree Sofitel for kids 6yo and below.


3. Flexi-Pass
Gymboree Branches are offering a “10 Class Pass.” You can choose from any of the 10 classes which will suit your schedule.


4. Junior Robotics
Kids aged 4-8yo can enjoy learning and playing like inventors and engineers with these new class from Gymboree. You can also avail of the 1-hour free trial.


5. Free Trial
Book a free trial class to know and see more of what Gymboree has to offer.




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