Mommy Mundo’s Mompreneur Meet Up

Mompreneur Meet up 2More and more moms are going into business. Whether they’re pursuing a life-long passion or providing a solution to a need, mompreneurs, they are called, are proof that you can manage your household and run a business at the same time.

How do the other moms do it? Mommy Mundo’s Mompreneur Meet Up event last 3rd February which was held at the Manila House Private Members Club brought together speakers who are mompreneurs themselves who talked about best practices in living balanced and fulfilling lives while pursuing businesses and passions. The speakers were Tiffany Tuazon of The Nest Attachment Parenting Hub, EM Matias Sulit of Gamechanger Inc, and Aurora Suarez, life coach and publisher of the Sunday Night Journal.

The mompreneur meet up which was the first for this year was hosted by Janice Crisostomo-Villanueva, founder of Mommy Mundo and Mompreneur Manila. These  meet ups are held a number of times a year.



When you hear the term, mom boss, a picture of a mom in a crisp suit toting a hand bag with a mobile in hand and baby on another seems to come in mind. But there are more to calling the shots and working within your preferred hours.

“We tend to romanticize the image of being a girl boss or a mom boss,” Em, mom to 3 children was quick to point out. Em explained that there is more to having that glamorous image of being a mom boss. And it is not always that glamorous. Em who spent years abroad as an expat for 10 years knows too well that what is depicted usually in movies is far from reality.

To stay on top of the game, “learn to fast track by equipping yourself. Study and make use of the available resources,” she advised. She added that it is important to go back to your core competency where you are strong at and at the same time, strengthen your weaknesses.

Tiffany, once struggled putting up her own business. She even made her parents house an extension of her business where the entire household also had a hand in ensuring that operations are up and smooothly running. She emphasized how important it is to know your papers – the financial statement, the profit and loss statement because it is after all, your business. When you fully understand your financial papers, you will know how to plan accordingly and make sound decisions.

There are times when we get too focused on business that we tend to lose joy. Aurora reminded us to find joy in everyday. “Start the day doing something to make you feel good,” she advised. What makes doing this business a pleasure? What would make running this business a joy for you? These are just some of the questions she shared which mompreneurs should be pondering on.



One of the struggles of mompreneurs is not having enough time to spend with the family.

Pie, single mom to daughter shared how her daughter once asked for “time with mommy” as her prize.

The 24 hours in a day may not seem enough for a mom who looks after her home and business – there are at times, no holidays.

Like Pie who have found a strong support system in her family, mompreneurs should not be afraid to seek help when they are in need of one.

Hearing the accounts from other moms whose journeys are marked with humble beginnings and how they struggled hard to be where they are now inspire both mompreneurs and those aspiring to be one – because there are things you don’t learn in business books.

While we each have a unique journey, we share the same goal which is to be both a good mom and a businesswoman.


Here are some photos.















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