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Baby Dove: No Perfect Moms, Only Real Ones

There are no perfect moms. Only real ones.

Authenticity not Perfection

Baby Dove’s #RealMoms campaign assures mothers that “there’s no right or wrong way to be a mom because there’s no such thing as a perfect mom – just real moms, doing it their way.” Baby Dove understands that no mom has it all together all the time. We all have our share of good days and not-so-good ones.

There are days when I’d wish that the house would sort itself, the mountain of dirty clothes would finally be conquered and that I own a dishwasher. It is difficult to keep the house neat when you have an active toddler bouncing off the walls.

There are also days like this one when I’d rather see the beauty in a messy home – the clutter can wait, the pile of laundry can be dealt with later because at that moment, I chose to spend some time with my daughter. There will come a time when she wouldn’t be that little anymore and she would not yearn for me they way she does now. I may not be a perfect mom at that moment but in the eyes of my child, I am one.

Baby Dove Products Now in PH



It was Riri’s pediatrician who recommended that I use the Baby Dove bar soap on her skin when scaly patches started appearing when she was around 6 months old. The pediatrician confirmed that she had atopic dermatitis.

With only a few supermarkets carrying the Baby Dove bar soaps at that time, finding it has been quite a challenge. I was able to find it at SM Hypermart Eton Centris but they usually go out of stock.

The good news is, now that Baby Dove has been made available in the Philippines, the products have become easily accessible that almost all supermarkets have them on the shelves.

Not only that, moms will no longer be limited to using the Baby Dove soaps as the full range includes head-to-toe wash, lotion and wipes.  You can expect the same moisture-rich formula – each bar contains ¼ moisturizing cream to keep baby’s skin protected during bathtime.

Dove Baby Rich Moisture bar soap variant retails at P46.75 while the Sensitive Moisture is priced at P49.75. Hair To Toe Sensitive Moisture 200 ml, P 162.75 while the Rich Moisture, P142.75. Hair To Toe Sensitive Moisture 400 ml (with pump), P284. 75 while the Rich Moisture, P264.75. Nourishing Body Lotion Sensitive Moisture 200 ml, P244.75 while the Rich Moisture, P224.75.

Below are photos of the dreamy setup for Mommy Mundo’s Pregnant Pause event held at the Manila House Private Club where attendees were treated to a surprise baby shower by Dove Baby PH.

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27710624_10204195599206915_1792394945_o (1)
With mommy bff, Rich

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