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Spotlight is on Vanessa Bernabe, the mompreneur behind Voila


Voila which means, “there it is; there you are,” was borne out of a mom’s need to be chemical-free at the start of her pregnancy as the chemicals in her skin care products are causing her skin to react. What made her seal the decision to go the all-natural route is because of the growing life inside her. Creating her own skin care line where she is in full control of what goes in each and every product started out to be for personal consumption only which turned into a great business idea. And voila, Vanessa has been coming up with baby, bath and home products which aim to transform each home into a chemical-free one – one product at a time.

I sat down with Vanessa to ask her how Voila started, how life is like now with a baby and how she manages her household while running a business from home.

Atlas 1st-310 copy
Mommy Vanessa with her almost one-year-old son, Atlas and hubby, Jayson
Atlas 1st-240 copy
Atlas will go places

How Voila PH came about?

Vanessa: My OB advised me against chemicals in skin care products. She gave me a list of ingredients I should avoid and when I checked my personal care items, I found out there’s nothing I can use anymore. 99% of the products in the market contain carcinogenic chemicals. If it weren’t for the growing life inside me, I would have a hard time obeying my OB because I like buying skin care products! Cause who could really resist the attractive packaging, smell, color, and their promises! I guess that’s how they lure in the market.

But since I’m now responsible of a life other than mine, I had no choice. (Thankfully) It was difficult for me because pregnancy hormones did a number on my skin – rough, scaly patches appeared everywhere on my face! I didn’t know what to do without a moisturizer. Then my mom made me use the home made VCO, a household staple which I have always ignored. To my delight, it helped with my skin issues. And Voila! the rest is history.

When was it born?

Vanessa: Around January 2016 and the first-ever product was the Skin Elixir.

Who aren’t into essential oils these days? A lot of people are turning to essential oils in their quest for chemical-free alternatives to healing and wellness. Vanessa taps into these plant-based wonders to create a product line which is free from everything nasty. Who thought of the interesting mix of products?

Vanessa: 90% of the entire Voila line was inspired by my family’s needs and requests. Basically, my son, Atlas, Jayson, my husband and my sisters.

What are the challenges you’ve encountered along the way?

Vanessa: A lot! I was decided to start Voila but then I had a difficulty finding suppliers. The ingredients are too expensive, the bottles can’t be bought in small quantities. I was filled with doubts. Add to that, personal matters sometimes get in the way.

And that’s when I realized that, 1, if it really is meant for you, “the universe will conspire to help it find you;” 2, if you have genuine interest in what you do, giving up is never an option; 3, a supportive partner is everything.

Share a message to the other moms who want to pursue their passion.

Vanessa: You can’t always wait for the perfect time. Take risks and dare. Jump if you must and don’t be scared to fall! Who knows, you might just find you have wings after all.

What can we expect from Voila PH in the coming days

Vanessa: Voila takes pride in utilizing the simplicity and yet potent healing power of nature. We are always in awe with how dynamic and versatile natural remedies are. So, if there’s anything we’d like to accomplish next, it is to let everyone know that beautiful and healthy skin doesn’t need more than this. And the only way we can organically achieve that is by making sure we provide the best care in every bottle.

Running a household is no easy feat. What more managing a business at the same time! Share briefly what your day looks like.

Vanessa: If I’m lucky, my day starts at 4am. That’s additional 2 hours to attend to personal matters like meditate, plan ahead, and research. Come 6am the little bonito’s up, we’ll prepare for his food and his mood so he’ll go easy on leaving nanay for daycare. As soon as he’s out, chores are lined up and I have to make sure I finish on schedule, 7:30 at most so I get to have at least 2 hours for production before Atlas gets back. 10-2pm is for lunch preps for the hubby, bath time and nap time series for Atlas. And when he’s back up again at 2pm, he goes back to the daycare and nanay, to Voila. We’ll meet again at 5pm, have some quality time beforel he sleeps at 7pm or 8pm. And if I’m lucky enough to have more energy, I get to have at least 2 hours for “me” time until the hubby gets home.


To shop and know more about their products, check out their  Website, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Voila is also available at the Parenting Emporium.

The products from their all-natural line make the perfect Valentines gift for the special women in your lives who deserved to be spoiled and pampered sans parabens.


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The Lotion Bars
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The Beauty Oils
27711377_10204193701879483_878651288_o (1)
Me: You really have a flawless a skin! Vanessa started talking about oils and how it is “oils you ever need!”


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