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Freycoo Shoes: Recommended shoes for babies and toddlers

I WAS ONE OF those moms who thought that a baby can never have too many shoes – especially when you have a girl. There should be one to match each outfit! I never have to buy Riri shoes though because she has amassed quite a collection from her baby shower to her first birthday. Thanks to excited grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles. The number of shoes that she has is more than the combined number of shoes in our household!

While they look really cute and trendy, most of the shoes are more for fashion than function. I haven’t given the shoe business that much thought not until Mitch who brought the Freycoo brand here in the Philippines (Instagram: @choosefreycooph) shared about what the brand offers, guidelines in shoe shopping and how to find the perfect fit for those little feet.

Did you know that having your child wear the wrong kind of shoes as well as making them wear the wrong shoe size do not only can get in the way of your child’s mobility but worse, can lead to foot deformities and posture issues?

Let’s start with pre-walking shoes, if your baby is still a crawler, you need not be particular as long as the shoes they’re in are not binding, can provide protection and warmth, then they’re good. But when they are at the stage when they start showing signs of pulling themselves up and making those small steps, they would need shoes that provide support.

Which brings us to the guidelines when shopping for your child’s first pair of shoes as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. These are:

1. Skid-resistant. With all the running, walking, jumping and climbing that toddlers do, shoes that have leather or rubber soles would help provide the traction your little walker needs to prevent slipping or sliding.

2. The material of the shoes matters. Leather and mesh-type ones allow baby’s feet to breathe.

3. The shoes should be lightweight but built with stable base support.

4. How do you if it’s a good fit? Check that the big toe has enough wiggle room which is about a half an inch from the tip of the shoe. The shoes should allow the foot to bend as though the child is barefoot.

Other useful tips:

1. Do not forget the width. Shoe sizes are inconsistent because they are dependent on a number of factors such as style and the material used.. What most parents are usually guilty of is relying on the length of the child’s foot at times forgetting about the width which leads to getting a style which might be too narrow for the wearer. Freycoo sends out the sizing guideline which takes into consideration both the length and width of the feet.

2. Unless you are familiar with the brand and their sizing guidelines, exercise caution when buying online.

3. Shop for shoes later in the day as our feet is known to swell during this time.

4. No to hand-me-downs! Unless the shoes are in very good condition, you should think twice about having your child wear them as that would mean forcing their foot into a shoe that has molded to the shape of someone else’s making the pair a wrong fit.

5. One thing I’m guilty of prior to knowing all these, is buying shoes which are way bigger than my toddler’s actual shoe size thinking they can be worn for much longer. Having your child wear bigger shoes makes them vulnerable to trips and falls.

6. Going barefoot at home is still the best as it promotes natural foot development.

International brand Freycoo helps take out the guesswork in shoe shopping as they meet all the guidelines stated above. Freycoo is not just about form and function, their shoes are also age and design-appropriate. With so many designs to choose from – from simple, strappy number to loud colors sporting a heart, a flower or an apple, it’s hard ending up with just a pair.

I am more inclined to go for white as the color can go with just about any outfit. The shoes that Riri has squeaks with every step encouraging her to walk. The velcro tabs in place of the metal parts usually found in shoes not only make it safer but it makes it easier for my toddler to slip into and remove the shoes herself.

With these considerations, I hope to have enlightened you on what to check when buying shoes for your little ones.

Check out Freycoo Philippines Facebook and Instagram accounts.




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