Camille Prats Yambao shares the joys of motherhood as she partners with Joie

Four months after giving birth to her daughter, Camille Prats Yambao looks stunning during the recent press conference where she and Baby Nala Camilla were launched as the brand ambassadors of Joie held last 17th January 2018 at the Marco Polo Ortigas Hotel.

With so many things under helm, Camille, who at 7 months into her pregnancy was still busy with commitments where she was launched at that time as Sanosan’s amabassador, (read more hereseems unstoppable then and even now.

 But the young mom’s top priority is to help raise awareness for children’s safety when travelling by putting under the limelight the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act of 2017. This was already approved by the House of Representatives last year and is for deliberation in the Senate.

 This is the reason behind the partnership with Joie, a well-known global quality manufacturer of baby car seats, strollers, high chairs, and baby carriers. “I believe that safety is important, especially when we‘re on the road with our children,“ says Camille. “That’s why I am so thankful that finally, we will soon be required to make sure our babies and children are protected while they are riding in vehicles. lt’s also great that Joie, one of the best brands trusted by parents around the world for this purpose, is also now available here in the Philippines.”

Car seats can save lives

No one wants to think about getting into a vehicular accident more so, when you are with a child. But with news on fatalities from vehicle collisions which we hear about regularly, no parent should afford to take chances. In the Philippines alone, it is reported that an average of more than 600 children have died in road crashes from 2006 to 2014.

According to the World Health Organization, a good car safety system with rear-facing restraint can reduce the risk of injury for children aged 0-4 by 80 to 90% as compared to having only a seat belt where the risk of injury for children is reduced only by 32%.

“I know that here in the Philippines, a lot of parents are not used to putting their babies and toddlers in car seats, but in other countries it has been required for a long time already. It’s about time that we focus on keeping our children safe when travelling,” Camille stressed. She also shared that using the Joie car seat gives her a peace of mind and greater mobility, too while in the car as she doesn’t have to carry the baby all the time.

Trusting in Joie

UK-Brand Joie has been making safety products for babies and toddlers worldwide since 2011. The company is committed 100% to helping new parents and families worldwide, by having the highest standards for design, engineering and safety. Joie goes far beyond what is standard when it comes to the materials used, and the custom testing regiments each product must undergo.

Camille and Nala Serina 2 in 1 Swing, Excursion Change, Rock Playard and Pact Stroller

Camille and Nala Muze Travel System

Camille Prats Yambao recommends Joie’s Every stage car seat, which received the 2017 Mother & Baby Gold Best Car Seat (Group 1+) and 2016 Best Baby and Toddler Gear Consumer Choice: Gold (Group 0-1-2-3 Car Seat).

The Every Stage car seat is the ultimate transporter that makes growing up easy from birth to twelve years. Grows every which way for every which stage. Beginning as a rearward facing seat from birth to 18kg and converting to a forward-facing seat from 9-36kg.

The ultimate transporter that makes growing up easy from teeny-tiny to twelve years. Grows every which way for every which stage.

Camille loves the Pact Lite stroller which is an a one-hand fast and flat-fold stroller. It is one of the smallest when collapsed. It comes with a custom carry bag and strap. This stroller can fit inside the overhead compartment of airplanes.

Camille Pact Stroller
The Pact Lite stroller

“I love to carry my baby, but let’s face it when you go to the mall and you have to walk very long distances, carrying 15 kilograms or more for even just a few minutes can put stress on my back, which can actually be prevented when we use the stroller, so l really love to use it. When we visit our friends or go to other people’s houses, the baby stays in the stroller, and has her own space instead of putting her on the sofa or wherever,” shares Prats Yambao.

For the young mother, the best part is that the products made by Joie are light enough to carry, quick to store into the car trunk or small spaces, and are built to last for a very long time. “Safety begins with Joie,” is the company’s motto. And this is what convinced Camille to partner with them. “You can’t really put a price on your children‘s safety, but l‘m glad that Joie‘s products are cost-effective and definitely worth it,” she said.

Camille and Nala

Sharing the joys of motherhood

Having a baby the second time around is an entirely different experience for Camille. There were lot of adjustments as she and her husband were more hands-on. Despite the sleepless nights, she enjoys every bit of her motherhood journey – breastfeeding, baby wearing, nappy-changing, etc. seeing how Nala is healthy and happy. When she had Nathan, she had her mom beside her who helped her take care of the baby.

Camille also enjoys being in the company of her other mom friends who have babies almost the same age as Nala Camilla as they get to exchange stories and tips about motherhood.

Asked about what kind of mother she aspires to be, Camille was quick to point out, “I want my children to obey me not because of fear but out of their love for me.”

When asked if she plans to have another child, Camille said that she is contemplating on having one more after a few years.

Camille shared that motherhood is her greatest adventure as being a mom brings her so much joy.


Here are some photos from the brand ambassador launch.

Camille demonstrates how easy it is to maneuver the Pact Lite stroller which also fits in a plane’s overhead compartment.
JP Tuason, President and founder of Tuason racing School & TRS Driver Development Academy, with his wife, Jeanette Tuason, Camille Prats-Yambao and Baby Nala Camilla, Mrs. Myrna Yao, CEO and President, Europlay Distributor, Co, Inc and Ms. Liza Yao, EVP, Europlay Distributor Co., Inc.
Q & A portion
JP Tuason gave a very informative talk on road and child safety while travelling. Car seat is a must when travelling as it can save lives.
Baby Nala Camilla comfy in her stroller


With the mom bloggers
Checking out the Pact Lite Joie stroller




Watch their Joie video here.

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