Mommily: The app that every mom needs

While technology may have its disadvantages, a working mom such as myself relies heavily on apps to get me through the day. Gone are the days when mobile phones are merely used to send messages and or do phone calls. These days, my smart phone are loaded with useful apps which help make my life easier as I navigate through motherhood. One such app which I highly recommend is the Mommily Mobile App Solutions (Mommily).

What it does?
Mommily is a user-friendly app which allows parents to plan their day out with their children by dispensing relevant information on facilities and services, etc. that they need when they’re outside.


This app will save you the trouble of asking for directions when you’re busy maneuvering a stroller while keeping an eye on your child at the same time. With this app, Mommily aims for parents to have stress-free day when they take their kids out.



Why moms should have this app on their smart phones:

1. It locates baby changing stations.
You’ll never know when the need for a nappy change is up. And when it comes, you don’t have a choice but drop whatever you’re doing at the moment to attend to your little bub even if you’re right in the middle of grocery shopping or enjoying a cup of coffee, even.
With the Mommily app, I can do my assignment the day before by checking out which malls have baby changing stations which are clean and easy to access.

Mommy Maget with baby. We love how this nursing room in Rustan’s Makati has a baby changing table available.
The kids can also take a break in a comfortable setting.



2. It gives you a directory of malls equipped with breastfeeding stations.
As Riri got older, along with it came the challenging problem of breastfeeding in public as she wrestles with the nursing cover even if the material is of the breathable, muslin type. I have to take refuge inside breastfeeding rooms where I’m nursing cover-free. Not a lot of malls though have breastfeeding-friendly areas and this is what Mommily is also trying to help change.



Trinoma Family Lounge allows you to breastfeed in peace as there are nursing rooms.



3. It gives you a directory of baby needs stores.
While there are certain malls which has a floor dedicated to baby and children’s needs, Mommily believes “that not all kids are the same and that some will have special needs that aren’t covered by the generic department store kids’ sections.






4. It gives you a list of areas where there is a playground.

I’m a staunch believer in learning through play. Being outdoors provide opportunities to teach children about caring for the environment and the world we live in. Mommily “encourages the old-fashioned, magical kind of play by bringing back the choice of outdoor play to families.






5. It is a resource for Early Learning Centers.
Choosing the right early learning center for your child would be one of the hardest decision to make. This would prove useful for first-time parents who are exploring which learning program would be best suited for their child. Mommily “upholds the power and importance of education as a key factor in the development of children.”


One of The Abba’s Orchard Montessori School’s prepared environment



6. It gives you an update on events happening in the metro.
Because attending parenting events is such a millennial thing to do, Mommily gives you an update on the events  along with the details so you can plan ahead. Mommily aspires to “bridge the gap between the good people hosting these events and the parents who would benefit greatly from them, if only they knew about it.”





7. It provides a list of specialized services.

These are just some of them:
•Family Lounges
•Kids Hair Salons
•Kids Swim Schools
•Pediatric Dentists
•Pediatric Dermatologists
•Pediatric Ophthalmologists



Get the app on Google Play for free.



And have fun exploring the app’s other features.




Mommily helps you plan your day, the Mommily way: Readily, Gracefully, Strategically!

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