#MommyBFFs Who Lunch


When your mom bff comes to you with something that would require more than your moral support, you allow yourself to take it in for  a few minutes and genuinely tell her you’re with her in every step. At this rate, you’ll take the plunge because you know that whatever the outcome would be, you’ll have each other’s back and that makes whatever is the plan a  little less scary.

This is why moms need a bff in their lives. Half the time, we are not that sure whether what we are doing is right. But having that validation from another mom makes a world of difference as if all of a sudden we’re given a boost of confidence. And more often than not, that is just what we need.

What is better than having a mom bff? It is having not just one but a group of mom bffs!

A few Saturdays ago, Rich ( and I, along with our other mom bffs had lunch at the Hillside Cafe and Juice Bar. The venue couldn’t have been more perfect for our small group. The interiors are hip and the ambiance, very welcoming.

Over the clinking of glasses which were occasionally drowned by the loud chatter of mom’s happily chatting away, a deeper connection is being formed. I don’t know if it is because food generally makes everyone happy or by being with other moms in a laid back setting made it more conducive for everyone to open up and share a bit more than the usual, “Yes, I’m ok or I’m hanging in there.”

As if it couldn’t get any better, a good number of brands showed their support and gave out items for moms to take home.

Here are some of the photos.


OC Mom Carol Chuaying shares how UV care products are a must-have for our homes these days. UV Care specializes in harnessing the benefits of Ultraviolet (UV-C) to help protect people from harmful microbes found in our environment. To know more about their products and services, check out
The UV-C Pocket Sterilizer utilizes advanced UV-C light technology to significantly reduce viruses, odor causing bacteria and certain molds and other allergens, on surfaces at home or while traveling. Perfect for smaller items like cell phones, remote controls, keyboards, faucets, toys, music players, ATMs and more, the UV-C Pocket Sterilizer fits easily into your purse, briefcase or luggage.
Mom Sheryn and daughter Keilah got the UV Care Pocket Sterilizer. How lucky!
Mommy Eileen shares her expert advice to the crowd of mostly first-time moms.


Vanessa shares the joys of having her son, Atlas in their lives. She is also the mom behind the all-natural Voila PH products. Check out their online shop:
Mommy Belle, mom of 4 who homeschool her kids gave tips on how she juggles everything at home.
Mommy Pritzi talked about the wonders of essential oils and her journey into having a chemical-free home through these. She is a pediatric dentist and a mom to two-year old girl named Kylie.
Mommy Bovee practices attachment parenting. She is an advocate of breastfeeding and babywearing. Her daughter, Summer will be turning 1 soon.
Can you imagine that Mommy Ria traveled all the way from Cavite? And it doesn’t look like she is babywearing his son in this photo.
Baby Clarke stole the limelight from his Mommy JM. How cute!
Marketing Mom Sheryn shared her struggles and how motherhood has changed her.
Mommy Charlotte shared tips on breastfeeding. She is a mompreneur who bakes lactation treats. Go to her FB page to order:
Mommy Shishi and her year-old daughter, Gabriella Isabelle. We still can’t forget her Jollibee post on Facebook which went viral.
Mommy Annie and daughter, Zee gamely poses for the camera. Zee became the “ate” that afternoon.
Mommy Issa launches Baby Set Go! which is an online baby registry service allowing you to include items from any Philippine online store. You can add items anytime, anywhere and they will deliver to your home or event venue. Check out this link for details:


Sturdy and stylish tote bags from Good Bag PH. Check out their FB page: and their IG account: @goodbagph.
Giveaways for moms!
Mome gave nursing tops to all the moms. To check out their maternity and nursing collection, visit
Calendars from Pumple Pie were given away to everyone present. Pumple Pie is a curated selection of books, toys and other wonderful items for children and the young at heart.  Visit their website at
Mommy Rach and Rich
Mommy Rich about to raffle off the PlayWorks gift certificates. They offer a play-based program that follows the developmentally-appropriate practices for children from 3 months to 5 years old. Check them out at
Winners of the PlayWorks gift certificates.
Drink in the Box and Snack box sets were given
All moms were able to take home baby wipes from Pigeon.
Educational toys from the Learning Playground. Their IG account is @learningplayground.
Quick selfie photo


Moms Sue, Aileen and Shishi were the lucky winners of organic products from Control Freak PH. Check out their other deet-free products which are safe even for babies via Instagram: @controlfreakph.
Mommy Shishi with her minnie-me, Gab.
Keep those pesky mosquitoes away with Control Freak PH products which are deet-free and organic.
Did you know that the Baby Moby cotton balls is 3x bigger than the regular cotton balls and large enough to clean your baby’s bottom. It doesn’t shrink when wet. It is sterilized and hygienically-packed. They also have other cotton products. Check out their Instagram account: @babymobyph
Mommy Annie and Zee won the Baby Moby gift set.
Baby Atlas got a wooden toy from The Learning Playground.
Mommy Issa got to bring this Cuddle duck bath toy made from natural rubber which also functions as a safe teething for his son who is about to turn a year old soon. This and other Cuddledry items, a British brand is distributed by Lilymaya. Instagram: @lilymayabath,
Moms scored yummy lactation treats from Mommy Charlotte.
These little girls would be adding these plushies from Plush and Play to their toy collection. Plush and Play is a social enterprise born in the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm, highlighting the undervalued sewing skills of the mothers to create proudly Filipino toys inspired by Filipino icons to delight the young and old alike in the Philippines and in the World as well as providing a sustainable livelihood to families in the countryside. To shop, visit:
Mommy Pritzi and Mommy Sue won gift certificates from GenTutuBowtique.
Moms making a list and checking it twice.



Kids get to play outdoors while the moms bond over lunch.


Hello Via! Via is wearing her own collection. For other cute designs, check out their IG account @missoliviaph.





We would like to thank these awesome brands: Sanosan PH, Chicco Philippines, Mighty Baby Philippines, Bright Brands PH, UV Care, Mome Wear, GoodBag PH, Plush and Play, LilyMaya Bath, The Learning Playground, PlayWorks, Pumple Pie Books & Happiness, Sweet Delights by Charlotte, Baby Set Go!, Makermati, Put Prints, Inay Moments, Mom and Milly,  VPharma Mega Malunggay, Control Freak PH, Pigeon, GenTutuBowtique and Hillside Cafe and Juice Bar.




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